These auto-play, un-muted video ads are awful

For the last week or two I’ve been getting these incredibly obnoxious video ads for RC cars and drones on most every BB article page.

I don’t mind video ads, I don’t even really mind auto-play video ads. But these ones have audio turned on by default, and they are LOUD.

I have BoingBoing white-listed on my ad blocker, but these things are making me reconsider.


Can you provide a screenshot?

I never run adblockers, and I clicked around a few article pages including the homepage, and I don’t see any auto-playing videos?

Sure, they look like this, usually for Parrot drone cameras, sometimes for RC cars. I don’t see them on every BB page, but probably 75% load one of these suckers up.


I keep getting the Oil of Olay Wrinkle Remover ad, so at leadt they have their demographic right.


I was just going to post the exact same thing. It’s awful when reading on my phone as it appears out of nowhere and takes up a big chunk of the page making me lose my place. It’s muted, though. Here’s a pic:

It’s really aggravating.

>using the main page

Find out where they’re being served from, and add them to your hosts file.

I’m not so pleased they open up where the page is touched on mobile, so opening the comments link in a new page means their ad gets clicked on.

Also dirty: the X doesn’t work. You really should be holding your advertisers to some sort of a standard.


All I ever get are these:

Block in your hosts file.

From their website:
“The tendency to devalue the significance of ads might relate to the fact
that many display and video units are designed without regard for the
user-experience. Such units are interruptive to online activities, and
too many of them can severely compromise a website’s look and appeal”


Ever since installing Ghostery I’ve started reading more about the various ad/tracking/beacon networks and how they describe themselves. So much flowery and completely meaningless language that does practically nothing to describe what they actually do.

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