Is Everyone Else Depressed?


I’m not depressed, but I am sad for young people. Things were tough when I was starting out in my career, but the times now seem really crazy. Don’t give up fighting, however. STay strong and work together. There’s too much at stake to give up.


THAT is beautiful


Indeed. I chew my teeth daily.


I’m more upset in terms of the current course of things, especially since on the home front (my parents) it’s really jarring. Especially when my parents (who are working class folks) are more concerned about the overblown media hype regarding terrorism than about the welfare of others like their grandkids (they’re all for the repeal of Obamacare despite the repeal effectively cutting the grandkids off from healthcare). I just don’t get the logic of some people (like my parents), especially those who’ve worked their entire adult lives at the bottom rung only to assume the rich will “save them.” Is this a generational thing? I have no clue. I’ll say that for the record I use to be a far right militia conspiracy nut when I was a teen but I’m effectively a syndicalist now so maybe my view of things is very skewed. Either way, I’m really upset that so many people are willing to side with the rich and power against those who can barely afford food and can’t get clean water. It’s like up is down.


I was enjoying Right Now Kapow!, then wondered why the kids weren’t watching it anymore.

Oh! Cancelled.


This is typical of the “low information voter”. If you listed the components of ACA they’d likely be for every one of them, but call it Obamacare, and it must be eliminated!! Conservative media has created a toxic environment for truth and facts. The Right hated Hillary mostly because they had been told to for 24 years.


I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing a lot, and I honestly think that a great deal of it can be ascribed not to cruelty or ignorance but just to a combination of nostalgia and indifference to politics. I think as some people get older, their memories of different administrations get glossed over and simplified, and they simply get burnt out on giving a crap. I know my liberal-til-the-end 89-year-old aunt would sum up Bill Clinton’s years as “that womanizer”, Bush as “just an idiot”, etc. And if you mentioned Reagan, she’d say “I never trusted him… but the 80s were good years, hmmm…” I feel like grandparents are looking back at the days of Big Business and Big Wall Street and trickle-down BS as a golden era and forgetting that it didn’t work out so well.


I don’t know what I’m feeling

There’s a joke among cubicle dwellers that management is necessary so you have someone who’s far enough removed from the work so that they still think it’s worth doing.

That’s increasingly what I feel about almost everything. It’s like the energy cost to start a task, or even just to give a shit about it, has gone up so much. Even the stuff I used to do for fun, like cooking, has mostly turned into a necessary grind

but, you know, it comes and goes


This is so so deeply true, and emblematic of the american psyche.


If you really want to get depressed, go to Sarah Silverman’s new video, “I love you, America” on YouTube and look at the comments.



Double for YouTube.



YouTube comments are more like the 665th level of the abyss.


I think it depends on the video. Fishing videos are pretty civil, except for the guys who are all “exactly where did you catch that?”


If I wasn’t before this story… I am now:

Holy shit, I need a drink right now. This is seriously fucked. I’m so sick of this kind of shit. How fucking hard is it not to actually kill other human beings? How? Fucking? Hard?



I see it in my more Liberal Democratic friends … but I’m a revolutionary socialist looking at you from north of the Canadian border, and I have seen it coming for 40-odd years. The Demagogic administrations were no better than the Rethuglicans at anything but cosmetics.


It’s Trudeau… Sorry… couldn’t help myself… It IS true, though, that this has been a long time coming… What do you expect from a party who refuses to address real world problems and another party which keeps dog whistling and doing everything it can to wreck what little bit of welfare state we have down here. It’s not rocket surgery, is it?


And that’s the attitude that won the orange horror the White House. If nothing else at all, D presidents have not appointed reactionary right wing justices. That’s enough for me. Single issue voter. SCOTUS. If Ginsburg leaves feet first this term, the end is here.