Is it The Future yet?

… things that are, or are not, or may be, or may not be The Future :rocket:


I have seen those IRL… on a major road that’s always full of traffic.


… I saw a couple riding them home to their apartment today

They made it look cool

I should have stopped and asked what make and model they were riding, but it didn’t occur to me until just now when I was looking for videos :thinking:

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This is the internet video that made me decide the singularity had arrived:

(… 10 years ago, wow.)


Riding something that fast in areas that were specifically set aside for pedestrian or bicyclist use is and always will be a dick move. It doesn’t take an automobile’s worth of mass to kill someone in a collision if you have that much kinetic energy.

… they seem to typically be ridden in the street

Riding on a road is one thing, but in the video the narrator was also riding at high speed through areas designed for bicycle traffic as well as packed sidewalks (while narrating to a camera on a selfie stick).

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This is some futureific stuff. Metal forming of Titanium, and other metals.

The math that gets dropped at about 27:30 made me squee!

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