Is it worth dissembling and repainting a vintage iMac to match this amazingly yellow mechanical keyboard?

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Yes. Yes it would.

Dissembling is generally frowned upon

Perhaps we should disassemble the iMac instead


“Burn it with fire” doesn’t go far enough. That’s hideous. Needs more fire.

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Is it worth disassembling and repainting a vintage iMac


If it were an anglepoise iMac, sure, renovate it. But that slab design is just an objectively worse version of the form iMacs still take to this day, so you’d be better off getting, say, a 2015 model and modding that. The aluminum case can be sanded and repainted as much as you like, and I think (?) the stand can be replaced with a VESA mount so you can put it on a swivel arm dressed up like the powerloader from Aliens, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Generally speaking, Scissor Switch Keyboards are NOT considered mechanical keyboards.

I disassembled my ‘06 MacBook and removed the white paint from the back of the Apple logo to replaced it with the classic rainbow logo. It was absolutely worth it.

ETA: This was back when they still lit up, so it was extra cool.


That keyboard would match perfectly, if you start your makeover here.
Banana Jr. Series

Some might be tempted to say “just look at” the result, however.


It’s definitely worth it. These iMacs aren’t the easiest things to disassemble but they also aren’t HARD to disassemble. Here’s the official service manual

If we’re setting aside the wisdom of a $150 keyboard for a $20 computer… then sure, why not paint to match!


It’s not worth doing much to that iMac. Replacing with a 64 bit CPU and SSD isn’t really even worth IT. At the end of the day it’s still a 16 year old computer and you might be able to get components a couple years newer.

I mean, if you have a specific, viable use case in mind, maybe consider it. But you can’t even browse modern websites on a Mac that ancient. Even Firefox stopped being updated a long time ago.

If you want something that matches that keyboard, at least buy a newer brushed aluminum iMac. Then you can slap a yellow desktop background on it and call it good.

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If you have fun doing things like that, then sure. Taste is personal. And what you like now may be hideous tomorrow, but nostalgic cool vintage in another few years.

The main thing is if you have fun.

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