Is Judge Denise Lind Bradley Manning’s Biggest Enemy? - The Daily Beast


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Asking if Lind has any bias against Manning seems to be missing the point that the entire trial is a tainted enterprise.

America has a credibility problem. This is just another small part of a larger pattern of ongoing misconduct.

Seemed like a given at the outset that this trial would be just for show, with a predetermined outcome…

But I’m still pretty bummed; after reading about 90 pages of the transcript from an earlier day, I somehow got the impression that Lind wasn’t a fucking scumbag.

I’m not aware of any ongoing coverage since then; if, for whatever bullshit reason there hasn’t been any more coverage allowed, then there you go - discrepancy explained.

What’s the US media saying about the recent 5 year sentence of Putin critic Alexei Navalny?

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