Is there a tool to manage multiple "personas" on the web?

I’m not the same person everywhere I go on the web. Sometimes I want to use my real name, sometimes a simple nickname, and sometimes I write as my website/blog, like here, or on facebook.

Most websites seem to go in the opposite direction, trying to connect everything with everything, sometimes even forcing you to use you real name.

Is there a tool that could log you in and out of websites, based on who you’re speaking as at the moment ? I’m imagining a dropdown, for instance, where I could pick “épinards & caramel”, and be logged in my blog (brand?) 's twitter, facebook, tumblr…, or pick “emmanuel”, and be logged out of those and into my personal accounts.

It’s getting cumbersome to manage, as every somewhat popular project I create has it’s own twitter account, for example.

Now I do realize that this could be very useful also for stalkers, spamers and trolls, which may be why people are reticent to create such a tool, but maybe there are security concerns, I’m guessing that modern browsers don’t allow some third party tool to mess with their cookies :slight_smile:

Thoughts ?

1 Like stores logins (which allows you to log in easily to each site without have a one-login-to-rule-them-all scenario), but it still doesn’t sound like what you’e looking for.

Perhaps some sort of firefox/chrome plugin…

I’ve been arguing for this for years now. Once, I wanted to book a vacation using rewards points from two different accounts. I wound up using two different browsers which was kind of silly.

Meanwhile, Apple has changed their cookie store object to only support a single instance, probably to encourage use of open source webkit.

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