Is this a photo of the elusive jackalope?


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Having grown up on the highways and byways of the American Southwest, I have to mention that, despite the name, jackalopes were almost always jackrabbits with deer antlers.

Also, the “antelope” of the AmSW are generally pronghorns, which are not actually antelopes. Didn’t stop people from calling them that, though. (-:

(I am obligated to point these things out, since my Spirit Animal is a robot jackalope, whose sigil I found on a jewelry display in a truck stop just outside Tehachapi.)


Does that look like a horn? To me it just looks like it got into a scrap and its ear got torn.


That is a birth enhancement.




Yeah, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing. I’m curious to know if the animal’s hearing is enhanced or diminished in anyway. It’s a cutie, either way.


Headline, meet question mark.


Question mark, meet Betteridge’s Law.


This is well-documented, it’s actually a type of fungus.


That doesn’t look like Shope papilloma virus, which is what causes the ‘natural’ or ‘real’ jackalopes. The ‘horns’ on those are actually a cancer caused by the SPV virus, pretty much the same way human papilloma virus can cause cancer in humans, as the two viruses are very closely related.

It really looks like this particular rabbit had its ears bitten when it was very young - it’s not uncommon for stressed mother rabbits to bite, mutilate or even eat their babies. Though to tell if it’s a birth defect or wound would require closer inspection for scar tissue around the breaks in the ears.

-Bucket, child of former rabbit breeders.


That’s a rabbit who made a narrow escape from a coyote.




I’ve seen this before, in Minnesota. Apparently, it’s a papilloma virus that affects the skin & bone growth of the jackrabbit, causing horny or floppy deformities. It will eventually kill the rabbit, and it’s kinda gross.


I’m thinking birth defect. In the second photo, even the mouth/jaw looks jacked up. Four ears; Vanishing Twin Syndrome maybe?


Poor guy :frowning:


the purported “jackalope”, identified as Richard Allen Klein II, was later quoted as saying “What? Whaaaat??”


that rabbit is a god damn deathmetal song.


Where’s the Bassalope?


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