Is this the most beautiful dragon penis yet?

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You’re not paying @Falcor enough he has to model for sex toys now?



My ad blocking wouldn’t allow me to penetrate said website. Does this dragon penis shoot fire, too?

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“where the recipient can barely whisper “Oh my God” upon sight of it.”

Um ok, if you say so.

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“Nox was designed by Hyena Queen and sculpted by Onissarle”

It is worth noting that both of these are names of people who hang out on Bad Dragon’s forums. There may have been any number of other people in the forum threads contributing suggestions and modifications during the process. The sculpting was done via a 3D program; when Bad Dragon decided to start making it, they printed the model out on a 3D printer and used that to create the molds.

These are crowd-sourced, 3D printed sex toys. I love living in the future.

(I have a drawer full of BD toys. No Nox, and no rainbows, but the one inspired by the tongue scene in ‘Pacific Rim’ glows in the dark…)


According to a few websites I consulted, the shape is all wrong…


If their products intrigue you, get a Small. Please note the soda-can comparison shots.

A… friend gave me that tip.


NSFW, although not really any less safe for work than the article, so…


Exactly what I was thinking. My favorite strip.

Favorite episode? Cumsprites!


It’s a $30 add on and you have to supply your own combustibles. Also, you will burn yourself quite horribly so there is that.

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I must admit I did not expect to find Bad Dragon hitting Boing Boing.


Thanks, I totally didn’t know that.

I was no way was familiar with these products at all.

** coughs **


I’ve got a few BD toys. It is best to deal with them directly because they are made to order and have a variety of nice functional and cosmetic options. Their designs and work quality are excellent.


Who’s hitting who?


And some of them glow in the dark!

With anything bigger than a small, I hope you used a lot of lube!


What, no love for the inflatables (among other options) from Elypse Art?

It’s neat to see them glowing in the dark, but those shots obscure the interesting detail and textures sculpted into these.

I have only had a cursory glance at their stuff. There are a few things which I am not as keen on there. Firstly, I don’t like inflatables much. I have a few. I prefer toys to have a lot more firmness. Also, they do not appear to have a lot of texture and detail, compared to such as the Bad Dragon toys.

Just the same though, I think it’s great that there are more artisan sex toys out there. More interesting options is only a good thing.

My friend, there comes a point where all the lubrication in the world won’t let a camel pass through the eye of a needle.


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