ISIS hang and butcher US spies

In part of their holy festival celebrations!

I don’t understand the purpose of your post. Is it to stir-up anti-Muslim sentiment? To disseminate mis-information?

You may want to use a different (reputable) source than the Daily Mail when posting articles here. I mean, unless your article is about how shit the Daily Mail is.


Which part do you think is misinformation?

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It’s a Daily Mail article. They’re a sensationalist tabloid prone to endless fabrications. There’s a chance it’s true (though if so, inevitably warped, spun, and modified by editors for maximal sensationalism), but given the source, it’s inherently untrustworthy as an information source. Trusting this is like getting a hand-written note from a 6 year old and believing it uncritically.


No to your first and no to the second, it is in other papers but just as scummy as the Mail.

ISIS has however executed people before and reported by CNN and others as well, so is this article true?

So to another unpleasant subject the press, too arrogant for sure as the Leveson inquiry proved and some lacking basic morals and ethics so they can get the dirt on someone famous or rich etc.

This isn’t one those types of story and I’d really want to know if it’s true or not, written my local MP recently and if this is tosh I’m writing again.

I can only find it in shitty publications so I’m assuming your last comment is quite correct.

So we can have a debate about the press and ISIS if you want on this thread a bit of both maybe, what can we do to shame, (if that’s even possible) the press.

What are the avenues of complaint open to us if an article is false or we find it offensive for example?

I always do this why I don’t know, I think it’s a very good way of getting a feel for a forum and I did like your comments very much and not had anyone go postal on me yet. Very surprised.


Well that was fun! NOT…

In my quest for answers on various news outlets just got a bit of a surprise, typed in US news and clicked on and then beep, beep, beep, on screen warnings etc.

At least I’m pretty sure that was the one!

I took two screen shots but the one about doing an emergency hard drive delete made me just pull the plug and restart.

Shit did the same one twice, sorry.

Had enough for now.

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