That French kindergarten teacher stabbed by ISIS? Nope, didn't happen


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Too much “Daesh” in his coffee, or cafe’…


Christ, what a Daesh-hole.


Doesn’t matter, in two weeks most people will still remember it as having happened, whether or not they ever heard it debunked. See: Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11.

(A lie can get half-way around the world before the truth can get it’s boots on.)


Even ISIS isn’t dumb enough to fuck with a room full of kindergarten kids.


Turns out he was just wearing baclava.


I wa under the impression that daesh was an insulting name applied to the assholes in question, indeed one they hate so much they threaten extra hooruble things to those using it. So why would some daesh asshole use it to describe their self ?


Exactly. That should have been a BIG red flag; unfortunately there are an awful lot of people who want to believe this sort of story, and will hand-wave away details like that.

By the way, El Reg came up with a name I’m trying to use more often: ‘Daeshbags’.


Yup. One RW website reported the stabbing, but when the story was debunked, they just pulled it off the site with no update. Another reported it and then moved it down to the bottom of a very long page of stories with a “correction”. The un-debunked story will have legs for a long time with the RW.


I will never be able to un-see this. thanks a lot.


isis ate my homework ?


Terence Chua - Terrorists Ate My Homework


Why would you ever want to un-see it?

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