ISIS/Daesh threaten Washington D.C. and New York City in new online videos

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Woodland camo… in the desert?


They are the terrorists. They are scary. They don’t have to make sense.
Now stop questioning, citizen, and show your obedient patriotic fear.


They don’t make their own shit, it’s all surplus from someone else’s needless buildup.

We have something like the opposite problem out here.


“Daesh” is really no different to “ISIS”. It’s just a cute meme that people like to pass around to seem sophisticated.


Daesh sounds similar to the Arabic words Daes (“one who crushes something underfoot”) and Dahes (“one who sows discord”).

Also, dude… apparently the French foreign minister thinks the name “ISIS” is offensive, so we should call them Daesh instead.


I think this whole “ISIS aren’t Islamic” thing is about the same as “the WBC isn’t Christian” or whatever. Again, people trying to seem sophisticated.


I’d say they are certainly linked to Islam, but a lot of people want to paint them as its logical conclusion - which is completely false. Islamic extremists, but not extremely Islamic.


They’re more an extreme reversion to the Mohammedan period of conquest.

I wrote five paragraphs saying this and killed it. Thank you.


Nawaz suggests that ISIS is more offensive to them because it’s the name of a pagan goddess.


I still like John Oliver’s preferred nomenclature:

#Gigantic Fucking Arseholes threaten Washington D.C. and New York City in new online videos.

And look, someone’s already made a flag for them:


About the ISIS/DAESH discussion I have come to a logical conclusion:

I will call them “motherfuckers”, or “bastards” if that day I’m particularly angry.

Now, all we need is a plug-in to automatically change names in our browsers


This lovely chap beat him to the punch:


I know, right?


I hope a substantial portion of readers here watch your linked vid. It’s excellent. This guy talks like the (extremely smart) Muslims I know.

From the vid:

It can’t be! Whatever is religion to us are simply ideological views to non-believers. Accept that. Digest that.

You do not have the right to impose ANY one-sided view, in any way!


Yeah, I think this is one thing we can do if we clearly separate groups like this from Islam. It’s not that their actions are completely unprecedented, but what attracts people to these groups is not so much deep knowledge and belief in Islam, but current events that are interpreted in the light of a specific version of Islam. There are many Protestants who respect Martin Luther, but they manage to separate parts of thinking that they admire from On the Jews and their Lies, or from many of the objectionable parts of the Bible. Many Americans are evangelical, but they don’t burn witches. It’s not that the ingredients for extremism don’t exist outside of the context of modern day events, but there are good reasons why modern day Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Egypt have more extreme versions of Islam now, while a few decades ago they had women walking around like this (n.b. I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s just good to remember that these photos exist):

(University of Kabul, 1980s)

(University of Tehran, 1970s)

(This magazine cover of Egyptian actress Shadia in 1961 after a trip to Tokyo has her boldly declaring that Japan does not respect women.)

(Egyptian women at a political rally in Assiut, Egypt.)

(Cairo swimsuit competition, 1948)

(Baghdad, 1970s)

(University of Beerzeit in Palestine,1967)

(In the early ‘70’s, Homs native Silvana Shaheen scored the Syrian national prize for both 400m and 100m hurdles multiple times.)

(Iraqi students in the 1970s)

(Khadija al Jaahmey leads women on a protest in Tripoli to support a Royal Declaration in 1963, which gave women the right to not only vote but to also run for political office.)
(Mujahideen, not Taliban. Notice that the Mujahideen brought a woman to the White House wearing a headscarf that was not covering the front of her hair)

Incidentally, Reagan also dedicated the March 22, 1985 launch of space shuttle Colombia to the Afghan people, saying that “the struggle of the Afghan people represents man’s highest aspirations for freedom”.


Another man in this video, identified as Al Karrar the Iraqi, tells French President Francois Hollande the terrorists will “negotiate with you in the trenches and not in the hotels.”

Try as they might, they’re compromising with modernity. For instance, they’ve already given up horses for trench warfare.

“You undertake Jihad in the camo you have, not the camo you might want or wish to have at a later time.”

Donald “Muhhamed” Al-Rumsfeld


Aside from the whole ‘looming threat of thermonuclear apocalypse’ thing, perhaps the most depressing feature of the Cold War was the quality of the ‘friends’ we made in an attempt to win it. Not all of them were awful; but we sure didn’t care much one way or the other.