ISIS is Daesh--not the African-Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess Isis

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“It is an act of war that was waged by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, by Daesh, against France,” French President François Hollande said shortly after the attacks. Secretary of State John Kerry also used the term during a meeting in Vienna. “The United States, I want to emphasize, welcomes support in the fight against Daesh,” he said. During a speech at the G20 summit in Turkey,

U.S. President Barack Obama said it too. “Turkey has been a strong partner with the United States and other members of the coalition in going after the activities of ISIL, or Daesh, both in Syria and Iraq.”…

…The reason more and more world leaders are climbing on the Daesh wagon, however, may simply be because the Islamic State doesn’t like it….

…Daesh is technically an acronym for the Islamic State’s proper Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham…The word Daesh is now forbiddenwithin the territory controlled by the Islamic State…The term fell out of favor among the militants after a re-branding by the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in July.

Part of the reason is because in Arabic the word “Daesh” can be taken as a play on words to mean something along the lines of “a bigot who imposes his view on others” or “to trample down and crush,” the Boston Globe reported…

…it comes as no surprise that the group has moved to expunge all the negative associations inherent in Daesh.

Psychotic religious bigots like “Daesh”, use violence to impose their views and beliefs on others. They use violence to crush and trample the beliefs of others who are socially and culturally different—or who hold a different religious belief. Psychotic, violent, oppressive and bigotry are the appropriate attributes and characteristic of “Daesh.”

Unfortunately the name of the mythical African-Kemetic/Anu (Egyptian/Ethiopian) goddess “Isis" has been forever tarnished by her name association with a barbaric and extreme Islamic terrorist organization. The same thing happened to the religious and spiritual equilateral cross (swastika), which became forever tarnished and forever associated with the barbaric, psychotic and extreme Nazi’s of Germany.

The equilateral cross (swastika) without the bent angles can be found in the Mdw Ntr (hieroglyphics) of Africa/Kemet (Egypt). This cross was stolen and forever tarnished by the psychotic and barbaric Nazi regime of World War II. Religions in Asia, India, Europe, and Africa, as well as Native Americans, have used the equilateral cross as their spiritual symbol.

Unfortunately, if one were to wear it today in mainstream America or Europe, it would be perceived as offensive to most people and associated with the Nazis or some other extreme hate group. The Nazis perversion of the equilateral cross is similar to the American Ku Klux Klan’s perversion of the Christian cross.

The equilateral cross represents affluence, happiness, comfort, safety, and good luck. In the religion of Jainism, the equilateral cross is bent at right angles and is right facing; in the religion of the Falun Gong, it is reversed and left facing (which way it is facing depends on the top horizontal line of the cross).

The Nazis of World War II (and hate groups of today) were and are, ignorant, simple-minded, and bigoted people, who wore and wear this religious ancestral emblem. They hated and hate Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, the LGBT community, and anyone who did not and does not belong to their ethnic group.

The Nazi’s (like the hate groups of today) probably did not know about the original meaning of the swastika. The equilateral cross’s positive connotations contradict their psychotic beliefs.Native Americans and the Swastika The Swastika in HinduismSwastika in New Mexico

For those who may be unaware or interested here is a short history about the African-Kemetic/Anu goddess Isis and the religious and spiritual equilateral cross (swastika).

The African-Kemetic/Anu goddess Isis: A well-known god of African-Kemetic (Egyptian) religious mythology is Heru (Horus), “The Divine Child,” and son of Isis and Osiris. He was suckled by his mother Isis in the “majesty” or “seat of wisdom” position. Isis (who was impregnated by Osiris) is depicted in art sitting on a throne with a low back, holding the baby Horus in her lap, suckling him and looking straight ahead in the original “Madonna” Isis and Horus: John Hopkins Presentation

Some have linked the word “hero” to Heru (Horus) because of his fierce battles with the African-Kemetic (Egyptian) god of evil Seth (Set) over the kingdom of earth. The numerous and varied African-Kemetic religious myths of Isis, Osiris and Heru are pre-dynastic (before the Kemetic dynasties). Osiris, Isis and Heru are African-Kemetic/Anu (Egyptian/Ethiopian) gods, their myths are thousands of years older than the religious myth of Jesus and Mary—covering all thirty-one plus African-Kemetic dynasties and thousands of years.

Isis, a ancient Anu (Ethiopian) pre-dynastic goddess, was the goddess of motherhood, fertility, nature, and magic. The original “Madonna,” she is depicted in art as a woman with a sun disk sitting inside of cow’s horns on top of her head or with a throne on top of her head. She was worshiped in Africa, Greece, Rome, the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Britain, France, and other European countries.

The image of the Virgin Mary holding and cradling Jesus is strikingly similar, if not outright copied from the artistic depiction of Isis suckling Heru (Horus)–Free to share and use images of Isis suckling HorusMetropolitian Museum of Art: Isis suckling Horus#2 Metropolitan Museum of Art: Isis suckling HorusBritish Museum of Art: Isis suckling HorusMore free to share and use images of Isis suckling Horus

In fact, many of the early Coptic (Egyptian) Christian coins, pictures, and statues represented both Jesus and Mary as black. Black Madonna’s are found mostly at Catholic sites. France has more Black Madonna shrines than any other country in the world. Black Madonna shrines of France

Churches in France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and the United States still worship the Black Madonna.Black Madonna’s in EuropePope Benedict and Pope Francis pray to the Black Madonna

The sullying of the name of the African goddess Isis has already been accomplished thanks to the help of the media, politicians and world leaders. Once knowing that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria for public relations and propaganda reasons, want to be called ISIS instead of “Daesh”—why would anyone want to aid in public relations and recruitment for “Daesh” by calling them ISIS.

Unfortunately, if a person is a student of African history and uses Isis as a password or user name—or a woman is named Isis, they face being linked and associated with a wrongfully named and barbaric Islamic terrorist organization. Woman blocked from Facebook and other social media because her name is Isis.


There seems to be no reason for assuming this. A founding tradition of human civilization for thousands of years does not magically disappear as a result of a group of knuckleheads who will in all likelihood be irrelevant within a short time. It would be daft enough if “ISIS” was even its real name, but that isn’t even the case either.

Pejoration is an essentially stupid, reactionary process which relies upon ignorance. By far, most references to ISIS do not refer to Daesh, any more than most swastikas refer to Nazis. Believing that they are “tainted” falls prey to the same Western bigotry that prevents some people - a loud minority - from bothering to learn about cultural symbols or use them effectively. By the same logic, we could say that they symbols of Christianity are forever tainted by the Spanish Inquisition - except that people don’t, simply because that was a western phenomenon, so they opt to have some perspective.

In short, if you let some deliberately ignorant masses control the narrative, then you are conceding that you have already lost. That would be irresponsible! I see the dharmic perspective as being that there is never a good excuse for ignorance.


Isis is one of the two rivers in Oxford as well. I’m in favour of reclaiming it now rather than waiting until after Daesh disappear.


ISIS is also the longest running Bob Dylan magazine still in print.

It’s also quite a few other things:

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You’re 100% right, but by psychological association, my brain still tricked me into thinking that last screenshot said

Welcome to ISIS!
If you have a JIHAD username and password, please click the SIGN IN button to access ISIS using your JIHAD credentials.


There is no Arabic word “Daesh”, “Daesh” is simply a transliteration of the Arabic acronym for the the full name they give themselves in Arabic, ISIS (or more accurately ISIL) is the same acronym for that phrase translated into English. It sounds a bit like another word (Daes), but it does not mean anything, and I’ve not seen anything (other than claims by idiots) to suggest they actually get annoyed when you call them it (surely they’d be far more annoyed by being associated with a female pagan Egyptian goddess?!?)


from wikipedia

The name Da'ish is often used by ISIL's Arabic-speaking detractors. It is based on the Arabic letters Dāl, alif, ʻayn, and shīn, which form the acronym (داعش) of ISIL's Arabic name al-Dawlah al-Islamīyah fī al-ʻIrāq wa-al-Shām.[59][60] There are many spellings of this acronym, with "Daesh" gaining acceptance. ISIL considers the acronym Da'ish derogatory because with the appropriate grammatical conjugation it sounds similar to the Arabic words Daes, "one who crushes something underfoot", and Dahes, "one who sows discord".[37][61] ISIL reportedly uses flogging[62][63] and the cutting out of tongues[64] to punish those who use the term in areas under its control. In 2015, over 120 British parliamentarians asked the BBC to use the name Daesh, following the example of John Kerry and Laurent Fabius.[37][65]
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I’m aware of all of this (well, with the possible exception of the ‘ISIL considers it derogatory’ bit). What’s your point?

I understand flogging & cutting out of tongues to mean they don’t like it. do you have a different reading?

ETA: did you ninja edit? I only ask because my reply made more sense when I thought I was answering a post that just said “what’s your point?”

I did edit it, before you replied (my edit is in your quote).

Funnily enough, the source for the cutting out of tongues is this AP report (note it’s not a verified punishment, just a threat):
“Several residents in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city which fell to the extremist group in June, told The Associated Press that the militants threatened to cut the tongue of anyone who publicly used the acronym Daesh, instead of referring to the group by its full name, saying it shows defiance and disrespect. The residents spoke anonymously out of fear for their safety.”

…which may have more to do with their dislike of acronyms than anything else (even the guy who popularised Daesh as an insult had to convince people that acronyms were ok):

They dislike anything that isn’t their currently self identified name (which is just Islamic State), so all of the common phrases for them would seem to be insulting from their point of view. And again, ISIS has the benefit of being a female (annoying) pagan (doubly annoying) god.

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Do we have even the slightest bit of evidence that this is an issue? Are worshippers of ISIS in places where the organization is called ISIS being harassed by association or anything like that? Are angry people watching sensationalist news channels being confused by this?


Well it does kind of suck for people who have the name:

My daughter’s middle name is Isis. She’d been considering going by her middle name but that’s probably off the table now.


yeah, the best argument against the name ISIS is that it’s already in use in lots of perfectly cool ways, e.g:

ISIL makes more sense given that (and I think why the US were using this to begin with), but it’s probably too late already (see above). Least popular baby name of the last few years I’m guessing.


If they liked being called “Daesh” whether it is a word or acronym–they would not refer too themselves as ISIS. They obviously for public relations reasons, stopped calling themselves “Daesh” because of the negative associated the word or acronym has with being a bigot who imposes his will on others, which in fact is exactly what they are–psychotic religious bigots who attempt to impose their will onto others.

Daesh obviously does not mind being associated with a mythical African-Kemetic goddess named Isis. Besides I am sure they would be really annoyed if they were associated with mythical characters like Jesus, Joseph, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Krishna, Buddha,The Virgin Mary etc…

All religions are mythical and nothing bur created cults that become mainstream and then become called religions.

Jesus must be the ultimate pagan god–because a large portion of his myth is stolen from the much older, varied and numerous myths of the African-Kemetic gods Osiris, Horus and African-Kemetic goddess Isis.


This has nothing to do with Pejoration–it is about the ongoing and never-ending fight by Afrocentric and fair minded historical scholars to teach and protect the history and contributions of Africa. A history that has been deliberately mis-represented, falsely presented and kept out of our schools by biased and bigoted scholars and educators.

Anyone who is a knowledgeable student of African-Kemetic/Anu (Egyptian/Ethiopian) history would have a problem with the ancestral equilateral cross and the name of the African goddess Isis being associated and used to represent Nazi’s or a barbaric and psychotic terrorist organization.

Go outside or to work wearing a swastika on your chest and see how your employer, co-workers and other people access, relate and respond to you.

Mention the word ISIS today in conversation around people in general, in France, America, the U.K. or almost any country in the world that has access to the news and what is happening in the world today–and see if they are thinking about a Bob Dylan song or the myth of the African-Kemetic goddess Isis.


I agree

They should be called Daesh–because Daesh is associated with what they are. Daesh is nothing but a cowardly organization of psychotic religious bigots who attempt to crush, trample, punish and kill anyone who does not submit to their perverted and demented version of Islam.

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No likes from me, sorry
That was elistist waffle.

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Anything in particular you disagree with? Care to elaborate?

How is pointing out that a few loud people are trying to overwhelm common meanings elitist? It seems quite the opposite to me.

If you are aware of this than what do you call them Daesh or ISIS?