ISIS is Daesh--not the African-Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess Isis

It’s OK,

You are not a student of African-Kemetic history–or else you would not ask about people worshiping the mythical African goddess Isis. It is about the history of Africa in general–and religious history of Africa specifically being preserved and not tarnished.

By the way both the Greeks and Romans had followers among them who worshiped Isis.

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Isis is a beautiful name for a girl or woman. I hope she does not change it or refuse to use it.

She should be proud of it and let people know the difference between the African goddess Isis and how the name is being tarnished and sullied by a psychotic terrorist organization.

Of all the mythical African goddess–Isis is the most revered and worshiped African-goddess in the history of Africa and the world. Isis was worshiped by the Greeks and Romans…

The myth of Isis, Osiris, and Horus formed the original religious trinity–well before any other religious trinity was created by men.


I’m a nerd. I know full well who Isis (the Goddess) is. She’s hawt.

The question was, is anybody being confused or traumatized by this usage of an acronym that matches the name of a goddess of a pantheon that’s generally no longer worshipped?

You said this was a ‘swastika caliber’ event. Is it really? Because other than an idiot who thought a girl was lying about her name, we’re not seeing followers of Isis attacked or harassed because some idiots picked to reuse her name.

You’re implying some connection with evil (original meaning: Uppity), and you ejaculate (original meaning: To exclaim enthusiastically) and expect us to be all buxom about it (original meaning: Meek), but it’s not like Isis has lost it’s original Bully and Macaroni meaning (both originally meant Awesome) and she indeed remains Awful (original meaning: Commanding awe). I’m being quite facetious (original meaning: well mannered) and not at all nice (original meaning: unaware or foolish) when I say this. I protest (original meaning: a solemn declaration) that you have a radical (original meaning: basic, simple) perspective, and I am quite stupid (original meaning: amazed, surprised) to see you speak of villains this way (original meaning: farmer or laborer)

Language changes and is always in flux, but Isis has always been in our history books as an Egyptian goddess, and this isn’t the beginning of some massive redefinition of the word.

If you’ve got issues, talk to Gaylord, Adolf, and Phuc Dat Bich. Now they have things to complain about. I personally think Isis (the deity) is quite gay (original meaning: groovy (original meaning :furrowed (retroactive current meaning: thinking intently)) alternate original meaning: Fantastic (original meaning: unbelievable/made-up)


If they liked being called “Daesh” whether it is a word or acronym–they would not refer too themselves as ISIS.

They don’t, they refer to themselves as ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah, or Islamic State, or IS. They dropped the latter bit last year.

Daesh obviously does not mind being associated with a mythical African-Kemetic goddess named Isis.

Have you asked them this?

phuc dat bich was a hoax btw.


because they are equivalent, and it’s silly to use a foreign acronym when there’s a perfectly good english one (ISIL is actually slightly better).

Yeah, I found that out after I’d posted, and it was way too late to make a correction. I should’ve tossed in an edit, but by then I was on to other things. :slight_smile:

The general point still stands though, there are lots of names that have completely different meanings in different cultures (often embarrassing) and others have had their meanings usurped over time…and to add a point there are also some parents that take some risks with their children’s sanity when naming them (I’m talking to you, Frank Zappa! :wink: )

“Generally no longer worshipped” isn’t the same as “no longer worshipped.” I was, for about 15 years, Kemetic Orthodox myself. We tended to use the more authentically Egyptian transliteration “Aset” rather than the Greek version “Isis,” but She still does have some few thousand far-flung followers.

There are a couple of (admittedly dumb) bumper stickers, '“Ankh if you love Isis” and “Isis, Isis, Ra Ra Ra!” which I’ve known a couple of geeky goofy pagans to have, and one got his car vandalized for it.

“Confused” – only stupid people who vandalize cars. “Traumatized”, well, I don’t know if it extends that far but “seriously annoyed” at the least.

Imagine if a terrorist group rose up that wanted people to call it Jihad Escalation Society Under Sharia (JESUS). There’d be a magnificent stink and it’d probably be rebranded as COCKBITE or something like that.

So really, the main reasons for using “Daesh” instead of “ISIS” is that “Daesh” is what much of the rest of the world uses now – including the Muslims opposed to them – and because the terrorists themselves want to be called ISIS and don’t want to be called Daesh.

Well, there we can agree. In fact, I’m a fan of your ‘COCKBITE’ scenario, I’d totally go with that. I was mostly arguing that we’re nowhere near the point where ISIS is going to turn into a Swastika or Adolf type scenario (I suppose there was also a type of mustache that was ruined during that stretch, wasn’t there?).

Mind you, I’m not saying it’s not possible! Just that we’re not there and I wasn’t seeing that trajectory.

Still. Can we give them a properly awful nickname instead of ‘Daesh’? If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right!

They don’t want to be called ISIS, in Arabic they want to be called ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah, and in English, Islamic State.

They don’t like being called “Daesh” full stop!–that is why they should be called “Daesh”

"Daesh’ is what best describes them and what their zealot, psychotic and barbaric actions embody and represent. They do not represent Islam or what Islam stands for.

Article: Carl Ernst: Why ISIS Should Be Called Daesh — Reflections on Religion & Terrorism–November 11, 2014

Ernst began with a disclaimer: He was not going to offer yet one more forgettable security analysis and political prediction of events in the Middle East. Instead, he proposed to provide an analysis of the use of religious symbolism in the construction of the image of the movement known in America as ISIS, which is universally referred to as Daesh in the Middle East (and now also in France).

See more at:

“There is no reason to give militant groups credibility by taking at face value their extravagant claims to represent an entire religion.“ —– Carl Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Department of Religious Studies

Naming a militant group like ISIS after an “obscure Arabic acronym” — Daesh — is perfectly appropriate, Ernst said, as similar organizations also use acronyms to identify their cause. And, as many have argued, he said that ISIS should be called Daesh if only because the group itself dislikes the name itself, which “makes it all the more tempting to use.” Using Daesh in this way raises questions about ISIS’s claim to represent Islam.

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By that logic we should call them shit headed badger rapists…


That was kind of my thought. Either give 100% or get off the playing field.

Badger rape is probably a bit of a challenge though, how about hamster rapists? Chicken fuckers?

I shall support you in calling them Shit Headed Badger Rapists. But is that not too nice of a moniker perhaps?

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SHBR is a childish moniker for a complex current event. SHBR reveals you are clueless to what is occurring with Daesh and it’s attempt to change the soul of Is!am.

This is a fight over the soul of Islam, not a childish game to be reduced to meaningless and worthless cursing.

The Islamic world calls them Daesh because they don’t represent Islam-- and Daesh best describes who and what they are.

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The non-islamic world calls them shitheads and murderers because they are. I couldn;t give a toss about the “soul of islam” but I care when shit heads murder my friends and loved ones. I don;t care what they do or do not want to call themselves. they don;t deserve that consideration. I will call them what I want to and they do not get a say in that.


Yep. This is not a fight over the soul of Islam. This is 30k murderous assholes. I refuse to even conflate in words these criminals with a billion point five awesome, loving people.


You posted " Either give 100% or get off the playing field"

Some advice: If you don’t understand the playbook or the offensive and defensive schemes, stay on the sidelines off the field.

You do not understand what Daesh is about or what they are attempting to impose on the religion of Islam.

This is a fight over the soul of Islam–and Daesh is what Muslims (opposed to them) call them for a reason, as it best describes who and what they are.

Why would any person who is enlightened about what is ooccurring with Daesh believe using curse words would be a rational way to label a terrorist organization like Daesh.

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They aren’t terrorists. They are petty, delusional criminals. And the faster they are delegitimized the sooner they can be brought to justice.