Petition launched to encourage use of name "ISIL" to refer to insurgent group also known as ISIS




If there is anything Islamist Militants take seriously, it is a bunch of women signing an internet petition to get them to change their name. This should go far.

Are these women being mistaken for radical militant thugs?



I thought the Islamic State called itself ‘The Islamic State’ these days, not ISIS or ISIL. Anyway, if they’re not busy with beheadings and mass executions of prisoners of war, I’m sure they’ll consider changing their name to suit the petition.


I think they actually call themselves الدولة الإسلامية


Sterling Archer approves.


just wait till they get to


ok what would the L stand for?






Is this to avoid incurring the wrath of the ancient Egyptian goddess?




reading comprehension fail #1


reading comprehension fail #2


Who gives a damn what they name themselves? Are they a political movement that actually deserves a name? Or are they a band of thugs who got kicked out of al-Qaeda for excessive brutality?

In 1917, one of the smaller factions in Russia named themselves “Bolsheviks,” which means “majority.” What a brilliant rhetorical move - like when Jerry Falwell named his extremist following “Moral Majority.”

Likewise, this band of terrorists call themselves a “state” or even a “caliphate” as if they were a legitimate government. They are not, and never will be. If we have to name them, why not “some terrorists?”


I hope the writers of Archer make a lot of fun of ISIS as that is the name of the fictional spy agency in the show (for those of you who don’t watch Archer).


I thought calling them ISIL was “tipping your hat” to them and signaling that you deny the existence of Israel and validating their claims. Probably because you’re in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. Or something.


My wife will probably sign the petition in an effort to get me stop saying “Oh Mighty Isis!” every time that they are in the news.

The Secrets of Isis


AWESOME!!! I remember watching that TV show when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories!


I agree 100% that referring to the group by their chosen moniker which implies that they are a state legitimizes them inappropriately. A name does help distinguish them from other bands of radical thugs though. Maybe we should just change what the acronym means; Insurgent Sunnis of Iraq and Syria, or Islamic Subversives of Iraq and Syria (or Levant if you must). Or just call them Thug 2.