Islamic State releases video of journalist Steven Sotloff's beheading


this makes me sad on so many many levels.

a group of freinds was having dinner last week, and I suggested something.

We take 10 mothers from each country, put them in a room with the ingredients and kitchen for a meal. I’d bet ? 3 hours later they will emerge with a plan for peace, and a good recipe exchange.

NO mother wants to lose their babies. We need moms in charge, not politicians and religious leaders.

Put an end to all this mindless killing.


Waits for the inevitable rationalization for the beheading because America

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I am dreading the day my 9yo catches wind of this. She learned about hangings in history last year, and has episodes where she can’t bare the thought of what the executionee went through. Why didn’t they run? Or fight or kick or anything? Why didn’t they just shoot them? We’ve talked about it many times but it still freaks her out. This news would put her over the edge.

This is just so unbelievablely barbaric and unstomachable. That poor man.

I feel bad for the few who must watch it (CIA or whoever) and the fools who watch it willingly but should know better.

I wish I had a clue how to solve this.

The mother/food idea is one. Or Lysistrata’s. There’s just no reason for this much conflict in the world.

I’m actually just wondering if the journalists have been drugged or something before the beheading. Why are they so calm? Why are they not freaking out, interrupting and kicking and screaming and yelling at the bastard waving a knife and denouncing America? Why so utterly meek and resigned?

Wondered same thing. I figured at this point they have done a few mock executions. Or they said stay calm to start with or we kill your family too.

No words. May God rest his soul.


By the time they get to the “beheaded on video” stage they’ve usually been detained for some time and most likely tortured. By then they know that kicking and screaming won’t help them escape and will ultimately add to their own suffering. “Resigned” is a pretty reasonable mental state to be in, all things considered. Even if they did fight back defiantly, it seems unlikely that the terrorists would release that take.


I also think there is some deception. They probably do a bunch of takes. They make them kneel so the guy can give his speech a bunch of times maybe changing some of the wording to get it exactly right and nothing usually happens. Except that one time it does. These videos all cut away, so they probably select the “best” speech and splice it to the actual beheading result, thereby creating something that looks continuous but in reality was not. Just like all TV.

Indeed. I’ve had similar fears imagining what Palestinian kids go through, and what long-term effects Israeli genocidal treatment has on them (fears for them, that is).

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War-hawk Hilary Clinton is a mother. Wartime PM Golda Meir was a mother. Former Rawandan Minster of Family Welfare and the Advancement of Women (a mother) was convicted of genocide and overseeing the systematic rape of prisoners. Remorseless British serial killer Joanna Dennehy is a mother.

Mothers are people too, not saints.


Maybe at that point, a kind of defiance in dignity is all they have left?


Also, there are probably plenty of ransom-demand videos made before the execution. My understanding is that kidnapping is one of their revenue sources.

Back in '04 or there abouts, there was the beheading of a journalist I think. I was a teenager at the time and thought I was cool and edgy. So I watched it…

Most sobering and gut wrenching feeling I’ve ever had.

Seriously, don’t watch it. It helps no one except the perpetrators.

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I have this gut feeling it’s a bad idea to call these guys Islamic State. It gives them so much legitimacy, as if they were a real government of a real nation. They’re not. They’re thugs who got kicked out of al-Qaeda for barbarism. Calling them Islamic State makes them much, much larger than life.


I remember reading a theory, though I never followed it up, that perhaps in exchange for the message, they actually promised them a quick death by whatever means (shooting?) then beheaded the body afterwards, splicing the two filmings together.

Something about knives being different… like I said, I never heard anything more about whether or not this was true or believed to be true.

Yep, ask some of the European countries about that. Paying ransoms only gets more people kidnapped. Guess they can’t get their terrorism funded by Saudi Arabia like everybody else.


Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

We can’t full comprehend this because we don’t think at all like these people. It’s like telling a blind person from birth what purple is.

The most messed up thing I’ve ever seen is the The Dagestan Beheading Massacre where Muslim Chechens beheaded a bunch of ~18 year old Russian conscripts crying for their mothers

These ISIS fuckers are about as good at planning as they are at holding dams (not very). Oh yeah… good move you stupid asswipes… Kill the only leverage you have in this situation. Death from above is coming for you. America cares so little about you that they wont even send a person to kill you, just a machine that is being flown from the comfort of Fort Hood. Then the soldiers will go home, laugh that you think you’re in any way powerful, fap to whatever they want while drinking some bourbon and then return the next day to remotely drop bombs on you again. You are essentially characters in a video game… characters who are going to mooshy meat chunks very soon.

FYI the US pays ransoms all the time, despite their publicly stated policy.