ISIS beheads American journalist


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Cue false equivalences and assorted trollerly in . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .


So sad because it makes me feel particularly hopeless. The US has created a mess in Iraq and Afghanistan, burned up our international trust and goodwill (twice! in recent presidencies), and have lost all sense of safety, liberty, and justice at home.


Something like that can only make sense within the cultural context of ISIS, because to the rest of us it is just appalling - just as all the other such videos were monstrous and appalling.

If the goal is to scare off the US or other countries from getting involved, then they misunderstand what is happening (US gov’t doesn’t care about journalists at the best of time, and might use this as a justification anyway). Picking some random journalist and killing him makes about as much difference to Western foreign policy as holding your breath until your face turns blue.

More likely their goal is to boost local support by demonstrating what badasses they are. I don’t know if that will work as I am not a local, but it sure doesn’t win them any friends abroad.

My condolences to the family. It is a brave soul who becomes a war journalist.


I don’t need to be told once not to watch a murder.


That poor man. I feel so flustered. Angry. Scared. So very sad for him, his family. For all of us, in this country that are supposed to secure that we are making the best choices now out of the worst choices made before. I’m the one in the group that points out the silver lining in any situation. Today, I’m just so very sad.

isn’t there a direct equivalence in Daniel Pearl’s murder?

The Bush legacy lives on. I’m so sorry for this man. We never should have sent a single American into Iraq.


9/11 sure do cast a long shadow, don’t she


Wow they really misunderstand the psychology of Americans, don’t they?

Isolated atrocities are good for terrorizing local villages into submission, but don’t do anything for your cause at the international level.


Yeah, the message they’re actually sending to America is, “COME WIPE US OUT, WE DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.”


This. Sucks.


So the violence cycle continues, with history repeating itself ad nauseum.

I really don’t see the human race outgrowing its primal urge for revenge and retaliation.

How many thousands of years of war and murder have to happen before we have had enough?


There is no value or justification for posting this. All it serves is to leave us feeling more sad helpless and angry at a mass of mindless fools who try to drag humanity into a primitive, sub-human existence. We know they do this. We are powerless to stop them. The fools bush and Cheney did make it much worse but it was never good from the moment we coveted the oil there. Post about something we might be able to change. We can still try to rein in the killer cops. We must do something about them. ISIS…just what in any gods name can be done with that lot of bastard primates? I really don’t need my nose rubbed into the things I cannot possibly change.


This. Will we never stop killing? You would think WWII would have made pacifists of the world, but we didn’t make it to the end of that decade without another major war. There seems to be no limit to the human appetite for murder.


Sometimes it’s good to be reminded. I made the mistake of watching the Daniel Pearl (z’'l) video way back when and have regretted it ever since. It’s far and away the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

As if it all started with 9/11…


yeeeeeesh, I kind of

probably don’t want to see it…