NYT: Saudi Arabia's Prince Charming was Mister Bone Saw all along


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There is a genocide in plain sight in Yemen and it takes the assassination of one reporter to make the west give a shit and impose sanction on this murderous regime. Fuck the world.


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It just goes to show you, all the money in the world and almost 100 years can’t change some murderous redneck clans.


No shit. All these countries that are vying for wealthy elites and try to get international events hosted at their countries are all suspect when it comes to human rights and sensible politics (Saudi Arabia and Dubai are the top offenders). Yet it seems fashionable to go to these places and people are somehow shocked when news comes out of a female tourist being imprisoned for drinking wine that the airline gave her or for dancing in public to a meme song.


I mean, it doesn’t really undermine his Westernization to torture and murder a Muslim man…that’s actually pretty on-brand for a “liberal” western power…


The part that really pisses me off is that a lot of western media is reporting the killing as “accidental”. You don’t accidentally murder and dismember someone that is a known thorn in a despot’s side.


Soooo, pretty much everyone in Congress then, except maybe Sanders?


Gotta get dat sweet oil money amirite?


Maybe MSB will use the “Thomas Becket” Defence; “All I said was, “Will no one rid me of this turbulent journalist?” I never mentioned a bone-saw.”


Jamall accidentally sawed himself up with the bone saw, and wisely shipped his body parts to where no body will find them.

note sadly the sarcasm


“Whaaat, no! It’s the only stable country in the region, we have to help maintain that stability in such a chaotic region! [And never mind about the medieval oppression and savagery, nor our own modern versions that contribute so mightily to the rest of the region’s “instability.” We don’t talk about those truths, and we, uh, recommend that you don’t either.]”


[Bad Mobster Accent]

I’m not saying that something’s gunna happen to this reporter. But maybe one day he’s going to trip and fall down the stairs and catch a couple of bullets on the way down. You know, like an accident. Not that i’d have anything to do with it of course, these things have a way of happening… Capisce?


Is MSB the Saudi prince who was videoed running over an employee with a Mercedes to “punish him” a few years ago?


I’m still wondering how the Turks got those claimed recordings.

If they were from Khashoggi’s phone, I can see that with control of the phone company, they’d be able to play man-in-the-middle, but why would the Saudis leave the phone present while the torture and murder happened? (Unless they knew the phone was active and wanted the recording to get out.)


If he was being tortured then “accidental death” is possible, but realistically for a middle aged slightly overweight man it’s probable (and if they were cutting off his fingers then they were going to kill him anyway, since you can’t just let him go after that.)


Violently interrogating someone means death is automatically on the table as far as i’m concerned and i don’t think it can be justified as an accident.


The “accident” thing is a fig leaf. And a damned tiny one, esp after all the “very strong” denials, “very powerful” denials. Trump will, of course, deny having ever said anything, and follow up with something even more outrageous to chase this from the headlines. Unfortunately, his history says it will work. It has become utterly exhausting being outraged at every previously unheard of level of buffoonery from this asshat.


What I understood is that the doc who cut him up (while listening to music via headphones) did so while the, er, “patient” was still breathing. Doesn’t sound accidental to me.


We knew something peculiar was going on with him when he continued to harass and jail the women who had protested for the right to drive-- even as he was in the process of giving women the right to drive.

His attitude seems to be: “I’ll permit you to drive, because I choose to grant this to you (or to take it from you, some day).” Which means it’s not their right. It’s his right. He’s a pure autocrat.


Sometimes, some embassies and consulates get successfully bugged by the host country. Just a guess of course. But it also explains Turkey’s reluctance to divulge their source of the info, and their full confidence of the information. Also, I’m sure that even Turkey must be surprised at how little the USG seems to care, and how quickly 45 took the “both sides” approach. It seems Turkey was hoping and counting on getting some favours back from the US in the future.