Embassy murder squad made 4 calls to Saudi crown prince's office on day Khashoggi was killed


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/22/embassy-murder-squad-made-4-ca.html


Insert “Shocked” meme of your choice here.


I’m surprised this story has stayed in the news for as long as it has. I thought for sure it wouldn’t stick for more than a couple of days.


Not meaning this entirely as criticism, but had he not been a WaPo journalist, it may have faded by now. A lot of the media see this as a direct threat to them, which I suspect is exactly how it was meant to be interpreted.


#1 “We’ve arrived.”
#2 “He’s here.”
#3 “Where are the bin bags?”
#4 “Do you want any Duty Free’s?”


Pet peeve, but could you credit the Associated Press rather than Global News? Global News simply ran the story from the AP wire report.


Yup, and why it wasn’t done in secret. This is a big “YOU TOO CAN HAVE THE EXCITEMENT OF BEING DISMEMBERED!”



The Prince, as usual after sending out a hit squad, requested a few of those king-sized Toblerones.


“The #KhashoggiMurder was immoral”

Uh. Murder is immoral? Many things can be considered immoral but murder is a crime.


Don’t start thinking about words, we’re all still outraged. Leave that to those bespectacled intellectuals.


You were saying?

ETA: I can’t help wondering what happens when some major outlets start changing the tune and ruminate over Kashoggi’s unwavering support for political islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Sauds aren’t the only ones in this situation who have incompetently shown their true faces to the world.


Wow. The nerve of some monarchs. If only there was some kind of invention to take care of people like this… I swear there used to be. It was French. Started with a “g” if I remember correctly. IIRC it was a bit big, but well worth setting up. Huh. I’m sure it’ll come to me.


I’m kind of torn between “Incompetent” and “Don’t give a fuck any more.”


Ganache? Goes well with cake…


They really believed they’d be able to make a screw-up of this magnitude go away by writing a few more cheques to Rubio and his ilk to keep pretending they’re not a bunch of bumbling homicidal rednecks ruled by a medieval institution.

Marco isn’t angry that his patrons brutally murdered a U.S. resident, he’s angry that they were stupid enough to get caught and made a fool out of him in the process. Although based on that tweet he seems perfectly capable of making a fool out of himself.


Me, I’m torn between “faces” and “asses.”


#4 “Do you want any Duty Free’s?”

#4 “Do you want the breast or the leg?”


Deny everything with a wink and a smile. Why not? It worked for Kavanaugh.


I thought I was dark enough, but no, you took it further…