Turks: Khashoggi was "dissolved in acid"


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I can see the House of Saud picking this trick up from their fellow gangsters in the Mexican cartels.


Since this is coming from Turkish authorities it doesn’t contradict their earlier stories so much as add a grisly new detail.


Why go to all that trouble to dispose of the body, when they were so damn careless about everything else in this atrocity?


I guess I’m being cynical and suggesting that at some point the stories posed by each government will become compatible and only cynical people will think they know why.


A top Turkish official, presidential adviser Yasin Aktay, has said he believes Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dissolved in acid after being cut up. The “only logical conclusion”, he said, was that those who had killed the Saudi journalist in Istanbul had destroyed his body “to leave no trace behind”.

This sounds a little like grisly speculation for the sake of sensationalism, doesn’t it? “I have no evidence that it happened this way, but I can’t think of anything else, so run that headline!”



This reminded me of an old song - “Was I Wazir?” from Kismet.

When we caught the man who said I wasn’t nice
Joy of joys! that was a time!
I confiscated his brother
And then did something or other
Involving his
Dissolving in
A vat
Of lye (Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)




From inside the embassy:


I’m staying away from the Tarhana Çorbası from now on.


But what do you do with the acid after you’re done?

Their plumbing bill must be through the roof. . . errr. . . floor.


Next rumor: The food is no longer halal in the cafeteria.




They’d apparently planned an elaborate coverup that even included a body double to create an alibi—they just fucked that up spectacularly every step along the way. Mission Impossible ambitions meet slapstick-dark-comedy execution.


I appreciate that Turkey is pushing for some semblance of justice here, but I also have to wonder if they have some other gripe with Saudia Arabia? I mean the Turk leader has not exactly been a model democracy lately.


I thought everyone knew that a gelatinous cube pit was standard issue for diplomatic stations.



Turkey and Saudia Arabia have been regional rivals for centuries. Saudia Arabia as the center of Islam and Turkey as the Ottoman empire.


Sensationalism? On my BoingBoing?