French Ministry of Interior wants to ban open wifi, Tor

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Obama: “Our success won’t depend on tough talk, or abandoning our values, or giving in to fear.”

Umm, encryption …

Obama: “Oh, I didn’t mean THOSE values. We should definitely be spying on your asses.”


Come on, let free speech be free. And then correct the shit out of it when it’s misinformed.

Free speech is free. Just be prepared to cite your sources when BS is called (not you you, but colloquial you :D)


It’s very hard to find data on Daesh membership, or their internal planning. However, Daesh is smart and adaptive. They must Europe’s open doors as an easy entry way for their fighters. If I were a Daesh strategist, I would certainly do that. I think Germany isn’t even searching their belongings as they enter. There’s no way to distinguish a Daesh fighter from someone fleeing for safety when you have a million people arriving. And you do realize, the Sunni-Shiite wars have gone on for 1400 years, and both sides frequently commit war crimes when they win? Maybe we’re just picking up the losing side right now? It’s at least worth considering the possibility?

Clearly Europe has a problem of its citizens going off to Syria. If you do a search on “europeans joining isis” you’ll see many news stories citing numbers in the thousands. Presumably most of these are European-born children of immigrants from the Middle East, as the Paris attackers were.

Anyway, I do hope it works out well for Europe and the US. I’m bringing up realistic concerns which are easy to ignore when you just want to feel good about helping people.

Couple things

But they aren’t, and the reason is the entry points you name are the hard ones. You don’t attack a castles walls, that is their proven defense. Just like you don’t attack through immigration or refugees, they are already being watched like hawks.

Clearly they do not. 10k people is not a problem. Slipping on a sidewalk is a problem. You are internalizing the terror and have become blind to the actual issues. (Please read that in a respectful tone)

They are what us techie guys like to call extreme edge cases. And focusing on them virtually always forces you to miss the bigger problems–like what to do with three million innocent, peaceful people.


These aren’t realistic concerns; it’s blatant fear-mongering. You already stated in the post above that most of the violence that people are supposedly inviting into their countries when they accept refugees has been almost exclusively carried out by European-born individuals.

Moreover, many security experts have made the (correct) observation that the refugees that are coming have been in camps for literally years. These were the first people to flee the violence, and have been living in shit conditions the entire time. Most of the people responsible for making policy recognize that there is a very, very small security risk here.


If I were a benevolent dictator (or just a silly dictator) I would plead and beg for every last refugee. Skilled, intelligent, laterally thinking people… For free? I could build a robust economy in a new York second.


My old university town was home to a very active church group that resettled refugees like all the time. My favorite part about living there were all the awesome restaurants and grocers that inevitably sprung up soon after a new group arrived.

The recent Paris attacks killed 130 people, which is nearly as many as die from gun homicides in all of France in a typical year. But even if France had a mass shooting as deadly as the Paris attacks every month, its annual rate of gun homicide death would be lower than that in the United States.

it’s an impressive figure and - imho - powerful comparison





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Ministry of Silly Wonks?

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#Fear never changes.


They say there are strangers who threaten us
Our immigrants and infidels
They say there is strangeness too dangerous
In our theaters and bookstore shelves
Those who know what’s best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves

Quick to judge, quick to anger
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand

from Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)

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With the current news about the FN in french elections, we could probably cross them all out.


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