Virginia mayor says Japanese American concentration camps were a good idea. George Takei has something the say about that

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The need to add this statement always bothers me slightly. I believe he’s being completely honest and that he does, and did, love this country he and his family call home. Or rather they love the ideal that this country represents, what it’s supposed to stand for.

It’s just very sad to me that when making a statement such as this Takei and others feel the need to add that they love this country because they’ll inevitably be accused of hating it. They’ll be accused of hating this country by people who don’t want to be confronted by how often, and how brutally, the reality falls short of the ideal.


Do I really need to say it? Christ, what an asshole (Bowers, not Takei, obviously).

  1. America has gone more (visibly) racist in the past few days/weeks/months than any time I can previously recall during my life.

  2. Takei’s even, measured, and generous response is inspiring and perfect. He is a national treasure.


He can smack down injustice and plug his current gig, because every word out of his mouth has its own individual silk cravat and brandy snifter


I can’t be angry… mostly because I still haven’t processed my bafflement at the obvious inanity here: “People are fleeing violence! Clearly they present a threat of… violence.”


Well, it also helps that his current gig happens to be germane to the discussion.


  1. There never was any proven incident of espionage or sabotage from the suspected “enemies” then, just as there has been no act of terrorism from any of the 1,854 Syrian refugees the U.S. already has accepted. We were judged based on who we looked like, and that is about as un-American as it gets.

Someone needs to read up on the Niihau Incident. That doesn’t justify the internment, but once you say something like “never was any proven incident” and it turns out there was, you open the door to crazies who will argue from the viewpoint of “better safe than sorry”. This point would have been stronger if it had been based on the criminal justice philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty”.


“Mayor Bowers, one of the reasons I am telling our story on Broadway eight times a week in Allegiance is because of people like you.”

Can we as a Nation stop electing assholes like this, PLEASE!


Well, it bears noting that this blog and forum are among a distinct minority this week. Go on to nearly any major news site and read the comment sections: it’s all fear and loathing with an occasional regret that the situation “has come to this.” Mostly, it’s enthusiastic xenophobia with trigger fingers on keyboards instantly ready to flame the “bleeding hearts” who want the US to live up to its values rather than capitulate to DAESH by cowardly rejection of syrians and others seeking safety and a decent life for their families. Yes, the old “bleeding heart” schtick is getting tossed all over the place this week.

I’m in total agreement with one wit who has suggested that we replace the proud, defiant Eagle in American symbology with a cowering catoonish chicken.

So…where are all the tough-talking “patriots” on this matter?


“suspend and delay any further Syrian refugee assistance until these serious hostilities and atrocities end […] and normalcy is restored”

Or, shorter: “we need to stop doing anything until there’s no longer any reason to do anything.”


Oh my!


Well, it’s worked so well for the 2nd Amendmentals when they tied mental health and gun control together, and moved the debate in such a circular way that nothing got done - why wouldn’t those opposed try a similar tactic?

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During the attacks: “If everyone in France were packing heat, then PEW PEW! No more terrorism!”

After the attacks: “I’m so scared of the unarmed refugees! What if they turn out to be terrorists? What the hell are we supposed to do then?”


Exactly. America has the 2nd Amendment! No need to fear terrorism, y’all can just shoot em up cowboy style!


Why not a Chicken Hawk?


That would require certain parts of the country to be able to spell ‘A’ correctly on a spelling test first.


That’s what the NRA says and they speak for ALL gun owners in MURICA!!


I have to say that this mayor doesn’t say it was a good idea or praises it. He’s comparing. Additionally he is correct in saying that the threat of Isis today is comparable to the threat of our enemies of the Empire of Japan from then.

Takei is absolutely also correct in pointing out the internment camps were not for our enemies but for American citizens who happened to “look like” our enemies or had the same ancestry as them.

I also do not see anything in the mayor’s statement that suggest internment camps be set up for Syrian Refugees or for “anyone who fits the description” of one.

These facts are important. I have no doubt this mayor is a typical prejudiced jackwagon, BUT do not make assumptions and assertions and read in things that are not necessarily there.

The very notion of accepting Syrian Refugees at this point is in fact a scary proposition given recent events. Anyone who has fears about the possibility of any of the refugees being the kind of animals that carried out the Paris attacks is legitimately scared! It is a distinct possibility.

However that does not condone turning them away entirely. That would be completely “un-American”! Our system, nation, society is founded upon doing what is best for the many, not the few. The principle must swing both ways, and we cannot punish or in this case refuse aid to those who need it, because there is a potential threat hidden. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore” is not qualified by putting “IF THEY LOOK LIKE ME” at the end of it.

The mayor is wrong. Flat out. But we should blast him for what is there, not what we extrapolate.

And of course…now I expect to be flamed by fellow posters claiming I agree with this idiot or that I am just as bad, yadda yadda yadda. Have at it.

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