EU official: all identified Paris attackers were from the EU


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While more than half of US Governors have declined the refugees, it is worth noting that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a Republican. This is not a Governor thing, but a GOP thing.


Republicans are evil. Worse is knowing that some high priest of evil somewhere is calling the shots for the party. Sick puppy that one.


So did guy connected to refugee passport use fake fingers or what considering greeks had his fingerprints when he came in as refugee? man was identified and fingerprinted


I’m probably too cynical and pessimistic, but I see a pattern here. France has a horrible track record for laws diminishing rights of the general public and the announced changes after the attacks are even worse.

Within the next few months Mogherini and the rest of the EU commission will introduce regulations destroying the remainders of an open society - because of home-grown terrorism.


I’m still waiting for the Muslim community as a whole to start standing up to this hijacking of their religion.

ISIS/Daesh threaten Washington D.C. and New York City in new online videos



Stupid people seek simple answers, therefore your GOP Reich Wingers in the US will scoff at this news and take the “low road” of blaming the Refugees.

PS. Just in time for the yearly Jesus fest Christmas.


Oh man, I’m with you. Kinda like how the christian religion has been hijacked by racist, war mongering, hate spewing, kill em all types and people are waiting for good Christians to stand up and put a stop to it.


I’ve been a registered Republican since I was 18.

Glad you’re here to let me know where I stand, I guess?


if this is your only fault (and you gave me no reason to think otherwise) I’ll let this one slip :stuck_out_tongue:



And they want to test for this kind of behavior. WTF? What they REALLY mean is for all citizens, immigrants or not, to be tested for proof of so-called christianity. To Republicans it seems then and only then will America be righteous and pure.

Pretty scary stuff. Hitler crap really.


EU official: all identified Paris attackers were from the EU

So the victims blame themselves? Perhaps they will ban all EU citizens from the EU in the name of safety.


wasn’t talking about christians but whatever floats that boat.



Of course you can “Read honey” right?
As far as I know, roughly 25% of the worlds population are followers and that a tad more than the links you provided “Honey”


The Daily Mail span this as “The Syrian passports to terror: EIGHT migrants have got into Europe with same papers as those found on stadium suicide bomber”.


Last I checked all they had was a passport of nobody in particular.


Somehow I knew you’d find some way to discount any and all information that doesn’t fit your conception of the current situation. I hate to break it to you, but ISIS is more likely to kill you if you’re a Muslim in the region than if you’re some random Joe Schmoe in France. People in region don’t feel the need to express the obviousness of that fact. The death toll in Paris pales in comparison to what ISIS has been doing to people in the region.

Meanwhile, the bulk of ISIS is pretty geographically limited, and people are understandably reticent to commit to a ground offensive in the area considering the previous “success” of the most powerful army in the world.

So yes: Please read more.


This should surprise nobody: why on earth would you assume that the people conducting this did not know their way around Paris? It would be rather difficult to do this as a just off the boat migrant from Syria.

Not everyone was local to Paris, but surely there was significant local knowledge.

The migrant issue was always a non-sequitur on this. Germany takes migrants because it needs them. Not everyone does (though much of central and eastern Europe could benefit from immigration).

As for the silliness from the Grim Reaper above: perhaps no white Westerner should be allowed post anything on the internet without apologising for, and rejecting the detournement of western values by, the incessant imperialist bombing, murder, torture, theft, etc. of mostly Muslim countries before they say anything else? It is not the job of most Muslims to apologise for c.10 people who are also muslim.