EU official: all identified Paris attackers were from the EU

We have met the enemy and it is us. Pogo


The holder of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in Friday night’s attacks in Paris was registered as a refugee in several European countries last month, authorities said.

France has not publicly confirmed that the passport holder is a suspect…

Clearly what they had was only the passport, not the individual associated with it.


Apparently up to eight people allegedly entered Europe using similar passport details. But his fingerprints are similar to someone who came through the island of Leros in October, so it’s quite possible that he did come from that area.

A charming cartoon of theirs from two days ago:


What better way to reign in Islamic extremism at home by having lots and lots of people from the same region who hate extremism and escaped it to move to the West?

Why do the idiots not realize that these people would be our best allies in helping to prevent the rise of home-grown fundamentalists, by significantly lowering the tolerance for such people in their communities?


Yea I know.
Facts are so inconvenient at times.

View it whatever way you want as I’m not interested one way or another as (imho) all religion sucks.
And how do those of that faith treat Woman or people in the LGBT community?
Just wondering…

They all do it all exactly the same, obv



Of course you did notice the question mark right?
( See… there’s another one ^ )

Aren’t they all male, too?


Wait, there’s some other similarities, too… they all wear clothes in public. This mental exercise is so illuminating! Clearly each of us must all strip down and march proudly down the main streets of our communities, if we wish to distance ourselves from these vicious acts.

(OK, I’m just poking fun at the logical inconsistencies and intolerance embedded in the way you wrote your post. Don’t take it personal! I’m very aware that the majority of the Republican party leadership at the state and national level is constantly catering to xenophobes and racists in disgusting and counterproductive ways, and you are right to point that out.)

Hey, @GrymRpr, all the muslims I know, with one single exception*, are outspoken and open in their rejection of Jihadi violence. You can’t really interact with US Islamic communities without noticing this. From this, I would guess that your trusted sources of information are actually propaganda outlets that are lying to you for some reason. I recommend you find out why they are lying, and what else they are lying about. They’ve got some motive for manipulating your perception of global Islam, and it’s not likely to be something you’ll approve of once you figure out what that motive is. Trust yourself enough to go check things out - become involved with local Muslims and see if they are what you’ve been told they are. I think you’ll be surprised; in my area, our Catholics are far more politically and socially dangerous than our Muslims.

* Ahmed became radicalized, moved to Egypt, and married a radical cleric’s daughter after idiot American right-wing Christian racists repeatedly vandalized his mosque and terrorized all the brownish people in his religious community.


In addition to the prior (excellent) replies to your thought, I’ll leave you with this article regarding what, exactly, Daesh followers think about Islam and Islamic thought:

tl;dr Islamic scholars, they most definitely are not.


Yes, and I immediately recognized it as rhetorical.

I see you.


Republican member of the Texas Legislature has thrown his support behind the governor banning the settlement of any Syrian refugees in the Lone Star state by saying that Texas laws would make it too easy for a potential terrorist to get a gun.


If you’re going to mock my statement as illogical, it’s best to do a little research and not base your post on assumptions that are not based in fact. I am pretty sure that South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin are both women, both Republicans, and both will block the Syrian refugees from coming over.

What you’re facile analysis misses is that there are 31 Republican governors and 19 Democratic governors. All but 2 of the Republican governors – or 93% – of the Republican governors made the declaration against Syrian refugees within two days after the Paris attacks. Not one single Democratic governor made the same declaration. That is, I’m pretty sure, statistically significant.

So we have my argument, that you have a primary set made up of “governors” which is split into two smaller sets, “Democrat” and “Republican”. Another set, “governors declining Syrian refugees” fits wholly within the secondary “Republican” set and meets 94 percent of that set, while it has absolutely no connection to the “Democrat” set.

The post I was responded to only mentioned that 29 “governors” had publicly announced they were blocking Syrian refugees. My assertion, backed by the argument above, is that the common thing between the people making these declinations is that they are Republicans and not that they are governors.

The fact that I didn’t bother to write out the entire logical argument for why I am able to logically argue that the issue is not with “governors” as the post stated but with the GOP doesn’t mean that it is not logically based.




In the spirit of light hearted wtf-ness…


Here’s some more for you, then.

So, yeah,

Also, screw you for demanding that every Muslim in the world affirmatively denounce these jerkwads, especially since you don’t seem to be willing to do your own research before making such demands.


Except Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, who is a Democrat, according to NPR.


The anti refugee governors don’t care about doing the right thing and using facts to determi …

oh fuck it, never mind.


False statement, my friend. And we still haven’t heard from a lot of states.

“…the Governor believes that the federal government should halt acceptance of refugees from Syria…” – Democratic Governor of New Hampshire Maggie Hassan’s official spokesman William Hinkle.

As I said earlier,

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the upper levels of leadership in the Republican party. By comparison, the Democratic leadership seems almost sane.