At least 129 killed in France terror attack


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Just horrible.

The numbers keep going up, too.


It just keeps getting worse. Just read there are some 100 hostages at a theater.


yeah, at a gig by a band called Eagles of Death Metal (who’s debut album was ironically called Peace, Love, Death Metal). Police have entered the building apparently. lots of different casualty figures around, hopefully some of the higher estimates are off.


this sounds seriously fucked up:


Current official reports is 40 dead, 60 injured.

(Reddit livestream, aggregating news reports and social media)


France 24 has a livestream of English-language live coverage.


The cops are raiding the theatre theres vines of a fire fight in the street outside.

I am horrified… oh Paris.


This will not bode will for the refugees in Europe…


It won’t bode well for all of us. More fodder for security theater police state politics is just fucking bad all around.


Some 100 hostages are reportedly being held at the Bataclan theater, where Californian rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing Friday.

Thank goodness Don Henley of Death Metal is okay.


Let’s not forget that 43 people were killed in attacks in Beirut yesterday, too.


The worst acts of violence to hit France since World War II? No. You are missing the Paris riots of 1961 where french police killed hundreds of algerians.


“The worst acts of [non-french-state-sponsored] violence to hit France since World War II” is I think what’s implied here.


Holy fuck. I was there a couple of weeks ago.

Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.


Facebook is offering a check-in page for people to let their friends know if they’re safe.




Yup. I fucking hate the asshats in all our respective governments for making my immediate thought not for the victims but for how soon they’ll use this as justification for more theatre. Enough will never be enough for them.


they waste no time at all do they… sigh