At least 129 killed in France terror attack


Such a relief to see friends checking into Safety Check to say they are OK. Didn’t know about this feature until today.


Vive la République, Vive la France


That’s it, I’m taking a mental health break from the real world. I’ll be playing video games until either those arseholes start acting like decent human beings or I have recovered.

I expect it will be the latter.

(I have a friend on holiday/medical recovery in France. She was nowhere near Paris though.)


Real fucking classy.



He certainly hopes so.



Christ, what an arsehole.


The time and resources required for a massive coordinated attack like this are not compatible with fleeing your home with the clothes on your back.


Translation: “I just realised I’m a complete asshole, backpedal!!!”


Edited title to reflect current status.


“We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.”

I don’t see why. Nobody drew any cartoons, or posted any internet videos making fun of M—m–ad.

Is there a flag we can ban??


It just seemed like an odd rhetorical choice from Sarkozy. He could have said any number of things. Perhaps thanking France’s allies, or talking about solidarity, or even bringing the perpetrators to justice. But instead he chose to pretty much parrot what Bush said after 9/11.


I lived in Paris for quite a few years during my childhood and while I’m a British nastional living in the States, whenever I hear about attacks in my former home my heart sinks. Numbers are still changing, but… I just lost my sister to a GBM this Monday and maybe it’s coloring my outlook but one death is one too many. This is madness.
Each of these people will have family that will suffer great loss all because - not trying to jump the gun - but just because we worship different gods.
Again, maybe I’m being reactionary because I’m upset and was already depressed when this atrocity happened but this is madness. What the West will do in response will undoubtedly be madness… a madness that all stems from one, central, cause - on every side: religion. We’re killing each other over how we define fictions of our imagination. WTF.


There’s always some other asshat ready to fill any potential gap in the right-wing hate machine.

They’ll all be accusing Obama of “politicizing” the attacks any second now, without any hint of irony whatsoever.


This is a terrible crime. The perpetrators should be brought to trial for this.


And yet, perhaps he has friends or others that he cares about, whether they would be offended or not.

Don’t be such a RepDuncan.


Condolences to anyone who has lost anyone in the attacks today. I’m off to hug the kids.


The secondary or possibly tertiary sigh for me after reading this story was looking at the feed of a gal I know in London…

…And seeing a few people freaking out in concern for her safety.

I mean. How? 3 hundred miles and a huge stretch of water… different countries even… I can’t even.

Christ allmighty, 150 is a lot, but I am old enough to have seen a few events like this. The media frenzy feeds on itself driving numbers ever higher as one news source exaggerates, and the next one reports the same for fear of being scooped. Days pass and factual details emerge as the collective emotion calms, and the police and hospitals do their jobs and save those perhaps counted among the dead, rationalize the double-counted, and generally take care of everyone who made it and who didn’t. Remember, the initial 9/11 estimates were over double the final best-guess count.

Personally, I think the final number will be completely insane still. But perhaps in the ballpark of 60 to 80.


Seth MacFarlane tweeted this out. And I think Mr. Rogers is damn right: