Banksy in the Calais "jungle" reminds us that Steve Jobs was the "son of a Syrian migrant"


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Computers not bombs?


Not Cialis. Noted (and disappointed).


I think, the facts to note, are quite important: His father, not knowingly, gave him up for adoption; his father immigrated out of Syria as a Benefit to the American society, (a Syria that was not at war with anyone); his father followed a belief of pan Arab relations started by this guy ; he came from a wealthy family and applied for his immigration the US through accepted and safe policy’s.

As opposed to the unsafe to themselves, and ourselves plopping of hungry, angry, and most of all jobless people that you and I will have to support. With a twinge of concern, and a dollop of sadness just to add to the pot of risk. It is a lot more complicated than just irrational, and emotionful journalism.


Because, you know, none of these refugees are skilled or educated or anything. /s


Figuring out how to care more effectively for strangers needs social cooperation and creativity. The moral decision is easy.



Great job and statement from Banksy. I love her/him.

Reading more and about ‘the jungle’, what a place. A terrible place, nobody should need to live like that.

Somehow, Banksy Dismayland did me think about a story of Neil Stephenson. (The bridge, which novel??)


I’m sure they are, I, just like I assume you, have multiple friends that, through the natural process of immigration, were able to pay for an apartment, take 5 weeks to find a job at a shell station or some other easy to find income source, starting there living through the a natural integration process. Mind you, I have a friend tha is an MD from his country and his application was processed through this natural process and he is now just a regular Joe. He has skills yo.

Again as opposed to the risk of something like this:

Wake up.


Exactly. It is a tough choice, just like the kittens; how hard is it to watch a cat lady explain herself and her need to have and support 100 cats. Not a healthy moment for either of them.


I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be “waking up” to. Some immigrants are going to be underemployed? That pretty well goes for anyone in the country. I’ve known people who have gone from software development to running liquor stores, and people with no degrees that work in network security. What exactly are you afraid of?




Sounds like you haven’t convinced yourself, and that’s happy news.


You mean Republicans?

They’re already here…we’re just hoping the refugees will improve the sanity ratio.


Unfortunately, none of them will be able to vote until they become citizens!


I’m not worried. All we have to do is build a wall.

(ETA: Okay, I’m choking on my own sarcasm now. Time to bow out of the thread.)


I’m sorry you can’t read. This is not about one side or the other. No one said the R word or the D word. You did.

As a suggestion, maybe you should read about the movie Casablanca. If you do I’m sure you will find that we, the United States did not allow any one (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or for that matter Martian) because it wasn’t safe for The Population coming from the counties at war with the United States.

In the movie if you didn’t notice, they had to fake their documents as if they were from Casablanca; Not Germany.

Please don’t start bringing up things that you just react to; read history. It’s not a republican vs democrat. They are both useless.


Yes, I did! I said Republicans …though I could’ve been more specific and said anti-Muslim facists. They’re a drain on our economy, a poison to our society, and we’re better off without them.

What do you think this country was founded on? Do you really think that this country wouldn’t be better off if we got to replace all those refugees with all of our anti-Muslim zealots?

I call it a huge win. The fascists are proving they’re part of the problem, I’d rather not support them anymore, thanks.

I’d rather have the refugees. At least they haven’t proven they’re guaranteed to fuck things up.


Wut? And not letting them in was safe for them?