A personal message for Stephen Miller, delivered from his uncle

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I am not done listening yet, but I find it funny his advice to Stephen is to basically get laid.


somewhat related but not yet covered by BB, trump just extended the troops deployment AGAIN, past xmas through the end of the January (to ready distraction from mueller report? or just the slew of discoveries by the dems in the house?)

so he found an “end run” around getting a physical wall built, he’s going to milk the entire military budget with a human wall until it boils over

(can he deploy troops indefinitely without a war declared?)


The Glossers are doing a great service to the country by shaming their Eichmann-wannabe nephew and showing how his views have no place in an immigrant nation.


Every president since Roosevelt has done that.


It would really suck to have a relative like Stephen Miller - it’d be like having an identified but un-captured serial killer for family. All you can do is look on in horror and urge them to do the right thing for once (while knowing those words will likely fall on deaf ears).


Our President routinely says (as he does in the embedded video), things like “these aren’t people, they’re animals,” which should earn him an exclusion him from, for example, Facebook



Getting laid is necessary, but not sufficient, to following his advice to become a parent.




Hope those are kosher shotgun shells!


Are you kidding me, nothing less!


The Good, the Bad and the Golem.


Many things are different from the 1930s to now. First, in the 1930s, it was only a few million Jews who needed to flee death. Today, it’s hundreds of millions of people, potentially billions of people worldwide, fleeing economic failure, not genocide. The countries in Central America that are sending people here are chaotic, criminal, poor, etc, but that’s not genocide, and the US doesn’t owe anyone access to a better life in a first world country. Today, there is a country which was founded by Jews who fled Europe in the 30s, much like Stephen Miller’s ancestors, and that country allows zero non-Jewish refugees and shoots people who try to cross its formidable walls.

Do we make policy based on sentimentality and situations that existed 90 years ago, or do we take a cold look at the situation we’re in now? Israel absolutely takes a very cold look, doesn’t care about what happened to great great grandma, and shoots any few migrants who are wondering if Israel is serious about it. Just pointing out.

If we’re supposed to follow the facts and think rationally about global climate change, shouldn’t we also follow facts and think rationally, not sentimentally, about global migration?

For reference, I’ve been to Israel many times and I love it, so this is not an anti-Israel post.


If you think the people who are losing their shit about a caravan of 7,500 Central American refugees at our southern border today would have happily welcomed millions of Jews trying to flee Europe in the 1930s you’re deluding yourself.

Did the anti-immigration crowd in the Republican Party welcome all those Rwandan and Sudanese refugees in the 1990s? Are they willing to take on even a significant portion of those fleeing certain death in Syria or Yemen today? Fuck no. Because Xenophobes are the same as they’ve ever been.


No one is upset about 7500 individuals. It’s the fact that if we are unable to prevent them from entering, it’s going to be basically an infinite number. I’m sure if someone offered Stephen Miller a deal, “Look, we accept these 7500 people, and that’s the end, no more after that, ever”, he would jump to take that deal.

Well that is an obvious lie.

Neoconservatives have a habit of rationalizing how they would be on the right side of history for past events even though their modern-day behavior makes it clear that they don’t understand historical parallels.

“I would have supported the Civil Rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, but Black Lives Matter is just too radical for me.”

“I salute the courage of the suffragettes, but modern day feminists are just crazy.”

“The U.S. made a grave mistake turning away Jewish refugees during WWII and enacting racist policies like the Chinese Exclusion Act, but those things are totally irrelevant to our need for increased vetting of immigrants today.”


The 27% of the electorate that Il Douche is pandering to by keeping regular Army troops on the border through Christmas precisely because of the “threat” of these 7500 individuals is “no-one”?

That’s not a fact.

Because he strikes you as a reasonable fellow? Like his boss?

Your assessment of his character here is about as convincing as your grasp of history and current events.


Not only that, they blind themselves to the fact that “nice, polite” activists like MLK or the suffragettes would still be considered dangerous radicals by the standards they use in 2018.


Also genocide. People are also fleeing genocide.

Yeah, it’s not like… (checks notes)… the US overthrew democratically elected governments, supported murderous dictators and directly funded genocidal death squads that morphed into criminal syndicates that have caused those countries to have the highest murder rates in the world. (Checks notes again) Oh, wait, my mistake, that’s exactly what’s happened. Oh well, it was a few years ago, and having done almost nothing to repair the utter devastation we wreaked, it’s now their mess, right?

God forbid we sentimentalize… (checks notes)… human life, like some sort of non-sociopaths!

Yes, we should absolutely treat two completely different subjects in exactly the same way, and by “same way” I mean, two totally different ways.
Also, those people whose countries are already being literally destroyed by climate change - fuck them, too! We wanted to drive humvees, so let them come up with their own new countries to move to.

I’m glad you clarified that, I’ll be sure to make a note so I don’t falsely ascribe anti-Zionist sentiment to your message of xenophobic sociopathy.