A personal message for Stephen Miller, delivered from his uncle


You do realize that part of the reason these countries are having these problems are BECAUSE OF the US, right?


His advice to Stephen is utterly useless. Stephen is a sociopath, incapable of empathy for any living being.


Ummm… False. There have been non Jewish refugees in Israel for years. Yes, there have been political moves to deport many of the African refugees from Israel in the last two years, but that is not different from the politics of the right in the US or European countries, and those lives to deport refugees have been met by massive street demonstrations in favor of protecting refugees in Israel.

(And, to see that this isn’t just something new, you can Google around for yourself for info about the Sudanese refugees who made their way to Israel in the oughties, some of whom are still in Israel today as permanent residents or citizens. Yes, non Jews can become citizens.)


Fun Fact: many White Nationalists love the idea of a Jewish state because every Jewish person living living there is a Jewish person who isn’t living in the United States.

So if you ever hear someone claim “I’m not prejudiced—I think Israel is great!” then take it with a grain of salt.


More Goebbels than Eichmann


Are we “just asking questions” today?

Oh I get it now, we’re not just asking questions, we’re also advocating the murder of immigrants.


There’s also the millennialist issue, where they need to have every Jewish person living in Israel, then have them all convert to Christianity as part of the second coming.

What happens when most of them don’t want to convert is something I never want to happen.


“You’re not only going to fall down that slippery slope, but since it’s a slope it obviously ends in a black hole, so you’re going to end up in a singularity!”


Fun Fact: Evangelicals of the Dominionism / Millennialism stripe feel that the state of Israel is necessary for their (non-Biblical) prophecies, and the second coming of Christ. Unspoken is the belief that the Jews will then convert to Christianity, and the ones that don’t, well…


Yeah, I deliberately specified anti-Zionist as I recognize there’s basically no connection between that and anti-Semitism, to the point where, when a non-Jewish person expresses pro-Zionist sentiments, I figure they probably are anti-Semitic (because of the kind of pro-Zionist groups others have mentioned).


Clearly, if we don’t shoot them at the border, there will soon be an infinite number of Californians in Oregon


Nazis cannot be shamed. They lack the empathy gene.


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