Trump's New "Monsters, Inc."


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” is re-booted for Trump’s America: Trumpsters, Inc. - We Scare Because We Care.


I like how Canada is welcoming the refugees from our last R president’s f!ckup. Thanks for keeping the America in North America, eh? We’re probably going to be doing some craaaaazy stuff for the next few years. Just remember a minority of dumbasses (and the FBI/FSB) ‘elected’ this train wreck. You guys may want to consider building a wall to keep us out…

The refugees are mostly women and children and the vetting process is already pretty extreme. Want to make it extremer by adding steps 19 and 20 to an 18 step process? OK. But banning someone for their religion is un-American.



Wasn’t the very first action (EO?) a move to make mortgages more expensive for the middle class?

I’m surprised Drumpf can hold that big boy pen (he prefers big gold sharpies) in those tiny tiny hands.


The fact that GTMO is still in operation (though with only 10% of its previous inmates) is a shocking show on the part of the Senate and Congress.


Currently working on a way to make you pay for it.


Well that was a punch in the gut.


I thought that the current proposal from the Resistance Forces was to solicit funds from Canada and Mexico to build a wall around DC (sorry DC folks).


Remember 9/11, those planes and people from Europe with no place to land except Gander? It’s like that now, only just people this time. We got this, for the lady!


It’s funny because it’s true - the White House is full of monsters afraid of five-year-olds! Now excuse me while I go off to laugh sob.

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