Canada's immigration website mysteriously crashes


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I think Trump will have to build a wall against Mexico to keep his subjects in.


Wasn’t there another Wall that was built with that purpose? I remember Saint Ronnie had something to say about it…


Even better Canada should build a wall and make America pay for it.


Moving to Canada in the aftermath of this disaster is a fun fantasy, but that’s all it is for the vast majority of Americans. Canada’s not letting anyone in unless he’s a bona fide refugee, has a lot of money, is a very skilled and educated professional, or is married to a citizen. That’s before we start discussing the ability of the average American with a family to just pick up and leave for 4 years. Or the fact that Canada will suffer from the fallout, albeit to a lesser degree.

I wish I could be more glib and snarky about this stuff, but it’s now clear that being glib and snarky was not enough to prevent this from happening. Nor is it enough to get us through the next 4+ years. Liberals and progressives have to get serious.


Tru dat.
Would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the fact that the whole world is affected by this.


Just walk across the border, you goof balls. Say you are going to check out the “meeses and some hockey, eh”. Then work under the table at some place and live the good life of a true rebel - an illegal immigrant.


A lot of Americans just don’t understand that in the modern world there is no “away.” No Galt’s Gulch, no private tropical island, no gated suburb, no religious enclave, no ammo-filled bunker, no civilised and polite Nordic-model social-democratic nation-state is safe from environmental, epidemiological, financial, or political turmoil.


There are TN1 visas. It’s relatively easy to get if you have the proper education. And then, of course, you need a job offer before you get it. Or, you could apply to graduate school (that’s how I moved to Canada from the US 15 years ago). There are ways, and if you’re serious enough about moving, it’s possible. I then renounced my US citizenship last year (when the shit hadn’t yet hit the fan).

I’ve been through this process before and I’m happy to talk about it more. Anyone can PM me if you want to.


I’m at my most serious when I am glib and snarky.


well alright alright alright …


yeah, our economy is going to tank right alongside yours.


New Zealand’s govt immigration website traffic went up 2500% today


Australia is quite nice this time of year. Our economy is tanking in progress tho.


I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.



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