Canadian citizen going to day spa in US turned away – needs immigrant visa


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yeah, I think my country makes me sick these days too


…and if she didn’t have any bad feelings towards Trump, she probably does now. Not to mention what she must think of America. Way to make us great.


At what point do these individual border agents begin getting scrutinized for using the current political climate to abuse their power over individuals? I mean, I understand that 45’s administration is enabling this behavior, but there HAVE to be at least SOME ethical people in the border protection hierarchy, right? And they have to have SOME kind of recourse for dealing with blatantly racist and abusive border agents. Right? Hopefully?


Looks like it’s past time I explored dual citizenship…


just waiting for Canada to put us on a hostile country list.


If you have one grandparent born in Ireland … so I’ve heard.


And once they figure it out, maybe they can share their secrets with the ethical people in the hierarchies of local police departments…


There used to be an organization dedicated to promoting tourism, and business in general, called the Chamber of Commerce. They have experienced some mission creep in recent years. Today they are dedicated to taking away a living wage and health care from low-wage workers. Maybe if they got back to promoting business and tourism, there would be money for those things too.


So very very much this. I’m worried my partner, who is half-Israeli, half-syrian, will get accosted heading into the US now just because her skin is brown and she looks “exotic” :frowning: I’ve been reassuring her for years she had nothing to worry about (she was often questioned about a decade ago when travelling alone to the US to see various bands, since she looked the rebel part). Guess we aren’t vacationing in the US this year.


So when does the GREATNESS start?


Me: They’re even harassing Canadians now??

Canadian citizen Manpreet Kooner…

Me: Oh crap I see where this is going.


France was using the guillotine until the 1970s.

I’m going to assume that Trump’s rise to wealth and eventual power & the descension of the guillotine from world wide punishment aren’t related.

But I had to convince myself of that position.



The CBC has an update.
The woman went to the US embassy to get this “visa” and was sent away because visas for Canadians entering the US do not exist. FUN!

Thr tweet has a video of her. Good times!


They must not have understood the full context. Did she explain that she isn’t white?


I think it is exactly the individuals and their closer superiors that are making this happen - encouraged by 45’s administration that this is what is desired of them. I doubt there is any special memo they all got asking them to question people like this. Instead they feel they’ve been given the unspoken authority to ramp up the questioning to a new level.

I’d be willing to bet if there was the “secret memo” sent to all border patrol people to behave in a more aggressive way, it would have been leaked by now.


I do. And that’s what I’m looking at


Kooner was reluctant to attribute her situation to racism, but said friends who have reached out to her say that could be the case.

She was reluctant to attribute this to racism? And yet that was every American’s first thought.


Is “unfortunately my skin is brown” going to be the #1 most often heard phrase in the USA this year?

(I realize this phrase has always made an appearance in the top 5 of every year but it’s really making a major comeback for 2017.)


I was eating out last weekend (at a few places) and was surprised how many conversations I overheard revolving around whether they would take a trip to the US any time soon. It was even a theme for a lunchtime provincial call in program on the CBC.

This is going to hurt the US.