Ted Cruz wants to radicalize U.S. Muslim neighborhoods by sending police to "patrol and secure" them


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Turd Cruz, man of action…


And while they are out there patrolling, the cops could hand out embroidered crescents Muslims could be made to wear on their clothes.


I guess Cruz has decided he needs to out Nazi Trump… Trump owns the whole racist giant wall trope, so Cruz has to find a ridiculous, scare mongering racist trope he can own.


I don’t want to Godwin this thread so early, but…

You, know what? Fuck it!

Ted Cruz, please read a bit about the Warsaw Ghetto.


I live in one of those neighborhoods right behind a temple. Best Mediterranean food and a great Halal butcher right across the street from us. But it’s in Houston, Texas. Hearing this really worries me for the political discussions with my neighbors to come.


I’d pay good money to see Cruz deliver an anti-Muslim screed of this sort in a Dearborn, Michigan high school gym.


It’s only a Godwin if the comparison is unwarranted.


From Cruz’s point of view, nothing could go wrong. Ted Cruz is a Christian jihadist, and like his radical Islamist counterparts, he wants war between the Abrahamic religions.


LIke he’d ever go to Dearborn, Michigan… he might catch the “Islam”…


Agreed. They all want to bring about the end times, and they don’t care about the vast majority of us who don’t…


Hey, this is the strategy that has America’s black and latino ghettos havens of peace, tranquility, and harmonious police/public relations; what could possibly go wrong?

It looks like it’s time for another round of ‘dumber than your average rock or high-order mendacious shitsack?’


Given that the holocaust was an important part of the historical catalyst for the creation of Israel as a nation state, you might actually have a tricky time getting a wholehearted condemnation out of a republican candidate…


Doesn’t the president have to swear to uphold and defend the Constitution?


He’s a coward, I know it would never happen, thus the offer of good money. I’ll even bring the popcorn.


You know what I see when I drive through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood on my way to work?

I see Muslim kids walking to school wearing Dora the Explorer and Frozen themed backpacks and playing with their friends.

So, Ted, would you prefer them to be worrying about which cartoon character they have on their backpacks or about why there are armed government goons staring at them with suspicion? Which do you think will radicalize them more?


Show them how much we love freedom!


Cruz doesn’t just pay lip service to Israel.

He wants to adopt their apartheid model for “security”


Sadly, the entire current electoral process has been 'Godwin’ed since nearly the beginning.

There’s an old Chinese saying: “May you live in interesting times…

The catch about that is it’s actually meant as a curse.


Also he has a thing on his upper lip.