The failed presidential campaign of Ted Cruz is like the fight to end slavery, says Heidi Cruz

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I often discuss matters with others who have communication difficulties, language barriers, opposing ideologies, an ax to grind or any other number of things that stand in the way of productive discourse.

But these Cruzers begin at boggle and end at WTF every. single. time. I encounter their thoughts/words etc.


In fairness to the horrible, horrible Cruzes, Trump IS the clear favorite of White Nationalists.

That’s about the only parallel I can find, though.


Didn’t it take longer to end slavery? I mean, when did it start?


I’m totally with Heidi in her statement that 25 years is longer than 4. She’s right as rain on that point, at least, if nothing else.


"Heidi Cruz said the fight to get her unelectable husband elected is pretty much exactly like the long and difficult battle to abolish slavery."
Well, in order to have a fight against slavery, there has to be those fighting to keep slavery going. And it all ends when the Presidential campaign/slavery finally collapse. So yeah, they’re not altogether different, I’d say, though perhaps not in the way she meant…


She and her husband might be perfect for taking on the roadworks job in Jackson, MS.


Yeah. It’s like…ten times longer. At least.


And of course slavery hasn’t been eradicated, only made illegal in many countries, and thus driven underground. You may have noticed that some activities still occur despite their being illegal.

Also, I would love to hear Mr. and Mrs. Cruz elaborate on their own personal objections to slavery. For some reason I don’t think that this is an issue they care passionately about.



is like the fight to end slavery

Right Wing Loonies say amazing things, false and untrue things.


The DMV is a tough place to work I hear…


She can just stfu.


Yes, conservatives… who were in favor of slavery… who weren’t quite sure women should get the vote in 1920… who had to be dragged into fighting Hitler… who are in love with segregation, anti-union, anti-miscegenation laws, Jim Crow, poll tests/voter ID laws, anti-flagburning, anti-marriage equality, anti-abortion, islamophobia…

In the quest for progress and greater freedom and greater liberty, it’s all about them. It’s always been all about them. They’ve been on the wrong side of history every step of the way, but that doesn’t stop them from continually rewriting that history in their revisionist narrative.

To cap it off, it would have been appropriately inappropriate if she’d’ve had them join her in a rousing chorus of We Shall Overcome.


Re-Posted by popular demand…


Heidi, blink twice if you are being held against your will.

um…6 days was enough for him to create the world. i’m pretty sure even god would be creeped out by ted cruz. making ted cruz electable might even be outside of his power.

Even THEY are creeped out by Ted Cruz…

lol. pretty good math for a conservative. she might be undercover.


I love how she doesn’t even get the time span of abolition right. She’s off by more or less a full order of magnitude.
A world view out of contact with reality at every point. Wholly founded on “what I want.”


We are dealing with someone who thought marrying Ted Cruz was a good idea; during her call with the campaign’s “national prayer team”, so I think that…suitably cautious…expectations concerning the possibility of comprehension(mutual or otherwise) are in order here.


Republicans will tell you (accurately) that their party was on the right side of history for those issues.

Of course, they’ll just stare quizzically at anyone who tries to explain that the Republican party of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries was the most socially progressive party and that the “conservative” and “liberal” labels have more or less swapped since then.


Ok, so I couldn’t get my head around what Cruz’s “National Prayer Team” could be about, so I joined. This is what you get once you sign up:

National Prayer Team
Thank you for committing to pray. A Time to Pray launches on December 1. You will receive weekly emails containing prayer requests and a short devotional. And each Tuesday, you will be invited to a 20-minute prayer conference call.

God bless you, and God bless America.

That might be why Cruz failed! His “Get Out The Vote” team consisted of people staying home and praying to themselves instead of actually getting out the vote by canvassing registered voters.