Isis left behind at least 14,000 mines when it retreated from Manbij


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To be fair, the message on their flag translates as “We’re why you can’t have anything nice”. True story.



Don’t worry. We can have Iraq send them these handy explosive detectors from - oh - wait - uh… damnnit…


the woo is strong with this one…


My father in law, who fought in WWII, told stories of Nazi booby-traps like this. They especially targeted items that Allied troops would take as souvenirs - lighters, swastika inscribed items, etc.


Well why even have all these land mines and not get any use out of them?


Mel Brooks spent a chunk of WWII defusing mines.

As if I didn’t have enough things to admire him for!


What sort of monstrous army thinks that landmines are okay?


Apparently they’re taking military advice from Donald “nuke’em” Trump


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