Israel using mass facial recognition tech on Gazans

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Adopt new, more precise technology, they said. Use it in wartime, they said… it will protect civilians, they said…


Soldiers also asked Palestinian prisoners to identify people from their communities who were affiliated with Hamas.

Of course, as we all know, this is a HORRIBLE way to find people in Hamas.

Think witch trials or the inquisition, where you will rat out an acquaintance or even a neighbor so that you can survive interrogation.

So is this technology. We know that this kind of technology is pretty fucking racist, so… it’s not going to be helpful. Many of the people they should be going after (Hamas leadership) are not even in Gaza!

And of course, they’re just using this as cover to continue with the mass slaughter of Palestinians.


Facial recognition software is always just a fig leaf for what the authorities want to do anyway.

Which is usually a racism.


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