Israeli forces destroyed over 700 Palestinian homes in 2021

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I agree. Israel should allow missiles to be fired on their innocent civilians and not fight back.

Destroying homes and stealing land and displacing people in a slow-motion form of ethnic cleansing is an appropriate way of fighting back against missiles?

What kind of bizarre fantasy world are you phoning in from?


Is that why they’re so reluctant to speak up against Russia and help Ukraine?


Battle tanks are an appropriate response to teenagers throwing rocks at their oppressors.

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Some are not to happy about the “opportunity”…

More housing will be required and the Palestinians know where.


There is already a flip side to this:

Officials say there have already been attempts to recruit Ukrainian women and the handicapped to seek refugee status and work in Israel as prostitutes and paid beggars.


What is this occupation if not an act of war against innocent civilians? Do you have any reason to believe the woman in the video clip above was shooting missiles, or that the American-born man deserves her house more than the people living there do?

For that matter, do you think there is even the slightest chance that significant numbers of Americans wouldn’t take up arms if an occupying government forcibly took their homes and gave them to others?


The invasion of Ukraine is an ideal distraction.


What would you suggest if it was your country? Regime change in Iran due to them funding the attacks? Drone missile strikes on rocket launch sites conveniently located in school yards and hospital car parks? Seriously what would you do, you’re dealing with heavily propagandised population living under a massively corrupt administration and on both sides their is an increasing demographic of religious zealots.
I’d honestly love to hear your thoughts regarding any lovely warm and friendly safe balanced approaches.

How about stop doing that which provokes the relatively pea-shooter-like response in return of occasional missile attacks?

How about stop, you know, destroying homes and stealing land and displacing people in a slow-motion form of ethnic cleansing?

Yes, that would be a shitty side of living in Israel.


Your very question implies that the land in question belongs to the Israelis instead of the Palestinians who were already living there, so maybe check your default settings.

So let’s flip the question: what would you do if an occupying government forced you out of your home because some subset of your neighbors were so embittered by that government that they resorted to violence? Would you be more likely or less likely to take up active resistance against that government after it displaced your family and gifted your house to someone else?


That’s a remarkably narrow view of history. The creation of the state of Israel was a convenience to the crumbling British Empire and a boon to the anti-semitism of Western Europe. Get rid of the Jews and divest a troublesome territory all in one shot. In short, it wasn’t their country to begin with.

Do Jews deserve a sovereign state? Certainly. The history of repeated genocide against them since the diaspora began makes it imperative that they be able to have a home to defend.

Does that give them carte blanche to act out their own genocide? To displace and slaughter the people who were actually there before Western Europe Balkanized it? To enforce military rule, blockade humanitarian aid and literally destroy homes and families?

Israel had a long history of coexisting with Palestinians until it didn’t. This is a program of ghettoization and genocide that does not need to exist. If someone puts up a wall through your home, very few people are going to refrain from throwing rocks over it. And then get the biggest rocks they can find.

Yitzakh Rabin was murdered for suggesting that Palestinians and Israelis could coexist and (gasp), that they even had a right to do so. When he died, a copy of the song Shir Lashalom was in his breast pocket. It’s a song of peace and disarmament that’s critical of the sentiment that only might and nationalistic fervor can achieve peace (which neither ever have).

This is his copy:


The hope of peace was murdered that day. All of the excuse making since then is in defense of the exact things the song decries. And it was done with full knowledge of the slaughter it would rain down on the innocent.

@Brainspore beat me to a few points while I was typing, but I’m leaving them. I’m sick of this narrative that it’s either blind fealty to the Israeli state (Israel ≠ Jews) and that any dissent is anti-Semitic (I’m Jewish; not that it should matter). Being Jewish does not necessitate blind allegiance to a government you yourself describe as horribly corrupt and I describe as downright murderous. I held my tongue for decades because of the reaction from so many Jews and Sabra I know. I’m done with that shit. This is genocide.

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Right of return for the Palestinians and either a state of their own (in some agreed upon borders, or in overlapping states) or full citizenship in Israel. Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to be treated like full human beings. Right now Palestinians are living in an apartheid state. Why is that acceptable to you or anyone who cares about human rights?


This. It seems to me that the fundamental question is “would you be satisfied if you and your family had the same rights in your own country as the Palestinians currently have in theirs?” If the answer is “no” then show a little empathy.

If it is Israel’s position that they are the rightful government for this territory then they need to recognize all the people living there as full citizens with equal protection under the law.


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And right now, that is not the case.


That’s all pretty fair, but also, countries historically have been made and unmade for all sorts of good and bad reasons. I don’t think, any more than Putin can claim that Ukraine’s formation was somehow flawed so he gets the right to undo it, that we can declare that nation states should not exist because we find fault with their formation. Palestinians and their Arab neighbors in the 40s took a gamble that they could create a fait accompli on the ground by conquering the new Israel. They were wrong and have been paying the price ever since.

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