Israel's Supreme Court strikes down Netanyahu's judicial "reforms"

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Netanyahu’s party said the judges were opposing “the will of the people for unity, especially during wartime,”

To be clear, they’re talking about the wartime that started in part because Hamas took advantage of the Likud government shifting troops from the south to the West Bank to protect its far-right settler allies, who were supporting Bibi’s (now failed) attempt to undermine the independent judiciary in order to avoid potential consequences in his corruption trial.

All Israelis should be disgusted by a sleazy statement like this.


Says the party that barely clung to power only with the support of the most extreme proportional splinters.


The opposition from reservists may also have led Hamas to think that the army would be weak and divided if it had to go to war for Netanyahu. This would have been wrong, because (ETA: most) Israelis see the war as necessary and not a choice by Netanyahu.


Thank [deity]!

Unchecked power in the hands of this asshole would be disastrous.

As the situation currently stands, things have already devolved to the brink of disaster, IMO.


Not all Israelis. There are ongoing mass protests against what they’re doing in Gaza.


fossilized nerd says: it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Netanyahu fashioned his current political plans from the war strategies of evil emperor palpatine. (summed up in the “all those who gain power are afraid to lose it” …as they might be convicted of the crimes they committed while attaining power).

If this ghastly war in gaza is to be arrested, step one must be the removal of Netanyahu from leadership.


What about these?

Maybe they moved their together to start a kibbutz?


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… ok, I might have been a bit harsh with my word choice there.

Clearly, I’m going to have to leave politics at the door for this topic.

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(I don’t think so.)

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