It feels like this GSI 30oz french press saves my life every morning

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How many ounces do you bench french press? Dude, do you even french?


nice! I feel the same about cocaine and porn. just kidding. or am I?




Ounces? It should be done very gently, with almost negligible pressure. And just a little tongue.

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I read you loud and clear there, boss. Fresh ground has become a treat for me.

I think your daughter is telling you that you have a problem. A friend of mine was dating someone who used coffee as a crutch. It was an excuse to be unpleasant to others until he got it, and it was not a cute or endearing quirk. It was him being a jerk. Our friend group was glad to see him go.


Rather have the salmon and sweet potato dog treats, myself.


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I had a hand grinder from “world market”. After year or so, the knob on the crank sheared off. I replace it with a bolt and nut. Of course, the nut loosens with every turn. Eventually, I get tired of that nonsense and replace the whole grinder (with the same inexpensive model). A couple of months later, the same thing happens…

Argh. I got a replacement from Java Presse. I’m sort of hoping that if it fails, which it will, it will be a different failure mode, and keep life interesting.

I used this one and still have it. All the complaints that it’d die quickly were untrue.

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