236,000 Starbucks/Bodum French Presses recalled due to "puncture and laceration" risks

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How hard are they pressing on these?

If it’s that hard to push down, you need to adjust your grind, folks!

But still, not a good way to start your day.

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Stop the presses!


My mother/father broke so many of my French Presses, I got a stainless steel one. I bought a pourover flask last year and it met its doom by February of this year thanks to my parents. Too bad Starbucks just doesn’t sell a stainless steel version.


I have an earlier version of one of these…

15+ years of use and it keeps the coffee warm for hours.

ETA I have replaced the filter screen once in that time.


“puncture and laceration” risks

An emergency room friendly coffee maker.


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I am sorry that I can only “like” this once.


Bingo. I bet they’re buying preground coffee at Starbucks, which is ground for drip.

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We use the same grind in these as we do for espresso. You can avoid excess pressure either by stirring the grounds before plunging, or by pressing a little bit then raising the screen and pressing again (possibly with some repetition).


I still have the scar from a glass French press that gave way while I was attempting to clean it. Stainless steel or GTFO.

Or just get an Aeropress.

We use a black ceramic press I got on sale at World Market. It’s not insulated, but it holds heat well so the second cup is still decently hot. Also it looks cheerful: it says “Every Day Fresh & Hot Coffee” in the style of a coffeehouse blackboard. And did I mention it was on sale? I got it to replace our 99th broken glass carafe. We’ve been using it for two years and one replacement screen; it still brightens the morning.

The one thing I’d like to modify: glass carafes generally have a small bead around their top edge which - in the fold that becomes the spout - creates a local minimum for the errant drop to be caught. The spout of our press has a smooth curve leading back to the body of the carafe, so we keep it on a plate after pouring.

Edit: we keep it on a “plate”, not a “place”. Fat fingers.

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