These 10 espresso makers will punch up any coffee lover’s 2021

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Ooh, a thread about coffee. Well, nothing can go wrong here…


“this multi-functional brewer that serves up high-quality Starbucks coffee”… bahaha high quality or starbucks, pick one.

Regarding the #3 listing (the Milano stovetop espresso maker), I must point out that the fact that it is made “from food-safe aluminum” means that it cannot be “perfect for glass induction stovetops,” since aluminum doesn’t work with induction hobs.

That’s what I was confused about. Right now I only have an induction burner, and yesterday my ancient Mr Coffee espresso maker decided to eject the rubber gasket from the screw-down lid irretrievably behind a cabinet. I am forced to use a French press when I am used to drinking a quadruple espresso on my commute. I am in hell.

Also, as a southern US rural resident, I can attest that Starbucks is by far the best (if not only) espresso roast you can find at the grocery store. I would love to hear suggestions for better options that can be mail-ordered and are equal or preferably less in price

These 10 4 espresso makers, three Moka pots, and three pod machines

FTFY. Espresso is espresso.

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I’m pretty confident you can find either the same gasket or an identical generic one if you want to fix it.

Edit: looks like Mr Coffee straight up partners with ereplacementparts which is cool! Nice to see a company just straight up sell replacement parts without a gigantic hassle. Dunno your make and model but I just swapped out a bunch of o-rings in a Breville Dual Boiler - the age of youtube makes all this stuff a lot better.

As far as coffee goes, quite a lot of good coffee is mail order available. Stumptown is a classic example and was my go-to espresso roast for years (Hairbender is their espresso blend). But also there’s good smaller roasters too. I just ordered from after some recommendations for their decaf, and it’s pretty good.

My parents swear by Vista Clara coffee, made by one of the brothers who founded Seattle’s Best Coffee before it got bought out - him and his brother both went on to run small batch coffeeroasters.

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It is the 1993 vintage ECM3. Parts discontinued and unavailable :sob:

Oddly enough I see some NIB on eBay for $50. I should probably just buy one since the plastic handle is coming apart on mine.

Thanks for the coffee recommendations!

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