The Seven & Me Espresso Maker brings barista-level brewing and milk frothing home

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That’s an overpriced moka pot. And moka pot espresso does not make.

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Well, there is this…

which is either also an extremely overpriced Mokka Pot or something completely other. I can’t tell.

And at $350+ and shipping in Feb21, I’m not buying one to find out.


Agreed on the Moka is not espresso part, but this does actually seem to make espresso, which is heated water forced under pressure through compacted finely ground coffee…

Still, fuck that’s expensive, our countertop de longhi one cost well under 100…

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Well, in moka pot the steam does force the water under pressure through coffee.
It’s the amount of pressure that varies between moka pot and espresso maker,
which affects the flavor greatly. Moka pot coffee tastes far inferior to real espresso at least to me.
I did buy a moka pot before I knew better (paid 15 euros tho), but I quickly realized I prefer
french press coffee, at least until I can afford a real espresso maker.
No matter how I look at this, it’s an over-engineered and over-priced moka pot.

Starbucks, a high-end coffee outlet??? I think you are mistaken, sir. Certainly, Australia couldn’t wait to tell them how bad their coffee is.

Nah, they have a valve in there, which means it’s regulating the pressure (which is the important difference), and no need to tell me about the differences between moka and espresso, I lived in Italy long enough :slight_smile: If I was going to spend 200 on an espresso machine though, I’d buy a used Gaggia, or another proper barista single arm machine, at that price would likely be used though.

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Fair enough.
A used espresso machine would still be much much better than a glorified moka pot.

P.S. Never been close to Italy, just a coffee junky.

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No disagreement there, the only thing this has is less moving parts, so it should in theory last a long long time. Still takes way too long to make an espresso… do visit Italy if you enjoy good coffee, it goes quite well with all the good food there :smiley:

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