It took four years lying underwater to get a perfect shot of a Eurasian beaver


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Four years?

I’m willing to bet that four years ago I could have found pictures of Eurasian Beaver on the internet within seconds.
(And one of those seconds would be taken toggling the Safe Search option…)


The picture looks like Second Life before DRM killed off all the beavers.

See also: Asian wild ass, African wild ass. I can find wild ass on the internet in no time flat.


I’ve even seen a few on BB. :wink:

My ancestors traded the shit out of Beaver back in the day. The French had a pretty good relationship and trade going with the Natives, but when England took over it went south.


My original headline got dinged, but it contained the phrase “amazing beaver shot” for laffs. Woulda got a lot more traffic, but hey, such is life. I’ll see if I can sneak more subtle double entendres in…

You can put pickles up yourself




Ironically, though I went to school in Osage City, KS in Osage County (guess who used to live around there.)


Summary of comments so far:


That’s what she said?


No, in you endo!


I knew there’d be treehouse No Gurls! Club comments like that here, but sheesh, right out of the gate? Ugh.


I have nothing but good things to say about Asian beavers. They are great.


My Asian beaver? I don’t think so. Id recognize mine anywhere.


Treehouse and “No Gurls! Club” imply that my innuendo was somehow only for males to either make appreciate. (Which doesn’t match my experience, but I’m not going to play the “my best friend is a perverse female” card here.)

I honestly had no idea that women couldn’t make or appreciate beaver jokes. I’m now wondering if only women are allowed to make jokes about penises. If so, my entire collection of Boris Johnson jokes is very much redundant!

Either way, I must go and pass this on to some friends. They’ll be terribly disappointed to be excluded from making or appreciating jokes based on gender, but they’ll get over it in time.

As the condemned, may I have a last little bit before sentence is passed?


Wow! Holding his breath for four years! That’s impressive just to get a picture of a beaver!

just did a quick search and I found a beaver shot!!


All those words, and no complaint that I froze your peach???


I am not ashamed to be a freshwater mammal enthusiast.


I assume your plaint is also aimed at the original poster, A Gurl!, who most definitely intended innuendo?


I honestly have no idea what that slang means. I’m based in the UK - is that a US phrase?
Urban Dictionary draws a blank…


Public Service Announcement!