Look at these parachuting beavers

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…just look…

This made me smile.


Yes - finally - link green lit!


“That’s it. I’m never taking another drink.”


As God is my witness; I thought beavers could fly.


“The Idaho beaver population explosion of 1948 was a big problem.” And then jump to “Sarah Palin”.

Then the big let down…

Interesting but not surprising that the beaver chose to follow the dry creekbed instead of cross it to the brushy area on the other side. Seems innate.

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Oh wow, that looks amazing*

*in the so utterly absurd/terrible it’s hilarious way :smiley:

You beat me to it! I was just going to post this. XD

I was stunned when I learned it’s an actual movie!


With a title like that, it’s my DUTY to post this ridiculous, extremely NSFW thing that makes me laugh every time.



Is there much of a demand for fur in the USA? Perhaps Russian oligarchs have a thing for it, but it certainly seems pretty stigmatized in the western world at this time. Throwing paint on fur coats is one of those asshole activist things that seemed to have worked.

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I dunno, I’d love a nice heterosexual fur coat, but they seem to have gone out in 1929 for some reason.

I turned on the auto-generated closed-captions so that I wouldn’t disturb those around me with the sound.
It didn’t work – after about the third time they stuffed “Bieber” into a box in order to drop him out of an airplane, I burst out laughing.


Calm Eddie goaled!

In this Brazillian era, it’s a rather outdated inuendo.

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The fur producers(well, the farmers of the fur producers) have been trying to get the material brought back into the fold(my sister did a fashion design major, and there were several options, US and European, for varying combinations of junket/internship/fellowship/PR charm offensive where design students could be lodged and provided with product samples to incorporate into their work, all part of the attempt to shed the material’s rather retro image.

(The retro thing is the other problem, for the producers, aside from people who won’t touch the stuff on animal welfare grounds: if cared for reasonably adequately, furs can last quite a while, so anyone trying to sell a new fur is competing against the backlog of relatively cheap and ethical-as-in-killed-before-I-was-born stuff that you can get if you don’t mind the styling being pretty vintage.)

Probably also doesn’t help that, unless used exclusively for trimmings and little ornamental bits and bobs, fur is warm, which is not always what people actually want; and the people who do actually want it are off fetishizing about fancy synthetics that will allegedly shave some weight off their high end backpacking rigs.

Beavers going commando!