Italian prosecutors have given up on catching the person who hacked and destroyed Hacking Team


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And there was much rejoicing!


This is a beautiful, heartwarming story.


Q: Quis pirata ipsos piratae?

A: Apparently Phineas Fisher.


So; he’s going to jail forever, right?


Oh, so sad!


I always knew Blizzard was making the world a better place.


Sadly, the company is still limping along thanks to investment from Saudi Arabian company brokered by a lawyer known to work with the Saudi Arabian government.

The basic idea, of hackers going into business as private cyber-arms merchants, won’t be going back into Pandora’s box.

Whether or not they’re customers any longer, the US agencies FBI, CIA, DEA and Department of Defense were all at one point HackingTeam clients.


World of Warcrack, its a helluva drug.


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