It's basically September and I never got around to __________


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and summer wanes.

What did you not get around to this summer? I just realized I have to make it to the Ren Faire in Bristol this weekend!


It’s basically September and I never got around to learning spanish.


Pert’ near everything.


First day of spring tomorrow, fuck yeah!

Suck it, northern hemisphere :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t get my hair cut.

and I totally had the time to do it. turns oout I’m just lazy.


Wha? Apparently I never got around to flipping the calendar. It’s still May in my kitchen.


Que lastima.


Yeah…trying to wrangle a visit to “home office” down in NZ sometime after the snow starts to blow


Finishing a novel. In fairness I’ve done a lot of things this year, I just haven’t decided which novel to work on. Don’t tell me “NaNo.” Completed two or three times but one will never be shared with others because I’m ashamed of it and the other was maybe a quarter or a third done at 55k words.


Thanks for the motivation, I was a few months overdue and after a bout with the clippers aren’t I feeling like a


It’s September and we haven’t even got around to Spring yet.

Southern Hemisphere is Best Hemisphere.


…renaming/reordering the months of the Gregorian calendar so that September is actually the seventh month.


I wanted to reach the Olympic Peninsula to have dinner at the Dupuis Tavern since I read about it in April from Duncan Hines’ Adventures in Good Cooking, and to sleep overnight in Port Townsend.

I also had an ambitious summer reading plan, and managed three of twelve novels from the list :slight_frown:




Me either and I have a lake less than a mile away.

I failed summer this year. I wish I could get a redo without relocating to down under


I have a river with a patrolled swimming area within easy cycling distance. I have no excuse.


I think the point of NaNo is to stop feeling stupid for writing. Because if you write with any frequency, you’ll write something stupid. That’s how I ended up with 10,000 words about how Santa ends up framed for a grave crime and rejected from the North Pole by the elves. Also it turns out there is no magic because the North Pole is actually run using very sophisticated engineering since the magic stopped working back in 1954.


damn i came close to this one, but then we finally took the subway out to the beach. baby has fiiiinally stopped eating every handful of anything she can get a handful of, so we dared to take her to a sandscape. the first time i wasn’t dressed for it, but the second time i dove in. holy shit it felt good. I’m thinking about taking some long lunches to do a quick dip.As usual (indicactive of my generally regretful summers) I have too many vacation days again and HR is breathing down my neck…this should help me whittle them down


Having kids. Again.


Where do I subscribe? I will Buy It Now!

Getting my Cougar in shape to drive it around all summer.

This makes ten summers in a row. :frowning: