It's going down!

Someone is hypothetically sabotaging large capacity fiber optic lines in order to wage an “ATTACK UPON THE TECHNO-INDUSTRIAL PRISON COMPLEX”, and to interfere with capitalism.

Omygod it’s going down, it’s going down! The resistant anarchists are in action now pulling down our great society, grab yer guns and man the barricades!!

(What in Sam Hill are you really so nervous and scared about?)


That’s pretty stupid.


It’s Really Not a Big Deal, Say the Experts
It’s a Common Occurrence

From 2008, water-based:

From 2015, land-based:


Pulling down telecommunications lines is something Resistance groups do. I can’t tell if they’re to be lauded for it or feared. One man’s freedom fighter is another mans terrorist after all.

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You see? I told you that doing some push-ups and thinking about baseball would work.

and how much of it is actually something they did… vs. it just happened and they are saying they did it?
my initial poking about of the site (yay private mode) gives me a whole antifa version of breitbart feel about the reporting.


so much agita! So little comfort!

I get the impression that they approve of it, but do not want to say so, especially when they add details about which cable to cut. But their all caps and exclamation points tone is pretty consistent with their writing. They exude enthusiasm.

It sounds like a group of anarcho-insurrectionists to me.

I know that the left have done themselves a lot of harm by arguing and splintering over small issues, but insurrectionary anarchism is counterproductive stupidity that only pisses off the general public.

None of my usual anarchist news sources are talking about it so I don’t think that they are impressed either.


I just followed the link in the article and it leads back to a two year old article in a blog that doesn’t exist anymore.

My bullshit senses are tingling.

Now I notice the article itself is two years old. that might explain why no one is talking about it.

Beware of divide and conquer.




Or - simply make up your mind to axiomatically favor solidarity over the circular firing squad. After all, progressives are supposedly fighting for diversity, inclusiveness, and the right to dissent. So I always find the difficulty in agreeing to disagree with its concomitant animosity extremely perplexing.

Non of that stops counterproductive actions from being counterproductive.

What do you suggest is the correct way to deal with someone who is insistent on repeatedly doing damage to our cause, unintentionally or otherwise?

That is all.

ETA: Note that @milliefink got there before me.


California seems to have some reasonably competent opponents of infrastructure. They’ve had a few other cuts of well-placed bits of fiber, nobody ever caught; and there was that whole “cut some fiber and then shoot up a substation” incident, also still the work of parties unknown.

The Antifuddites?

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I doubt if there is a common cause, beyond undoing monoculture/imperialism, so anybody who disagrees with me as to how this should be done is also doing their part to provide diversity. The mistake is to assume that people who are liberated will want the same things, and to live in the same way. To persuade others to align with my ideals or morals is just tribalism all over again. The point is to free people so that they can choose.

Strategically, I would re-direct such a person as to focus their damage towards mutual adversaries, rather than taking offense.

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It was originally a response to a comment about a “hypothetical resistance”, which has either disappeared or I just cannot find it.

Which seems to be correct. I did not follow all the links, and would not have posted it if I knew it was old news. I did find a 2016 story-
and a new one from NY-