It's Gonna Be May

And a joyous Beltane to you, too.


So you sort of think you might get some hint of it? Or you don’t get it at all?

I don’t even have a single clue, suspected the comments might render me none the wiser, and feel really great about myself now. Maybe.

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Q: Who will be Doc Ock’s new bride?

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My working theory is that that guy from Game of Thrones that everybody seems to hate made a music video, and he pronounces “me” in an awkward way. I’m kind of stoked that the comments in this thread have shone no further light on it for me.


Every Day is May Day

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Of course, now that I do not have to go to work every day, I long since lost track of which were weekdays and which weekends, so having no clue as to the actual date is perhaps forgiveable.

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