Auto body shop with a massive Man Ray collection in the back room


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Not “May Ray”. Check your headline.


The University of Louisville Photo Archives has a beautiful collection of Man Ray prints. They’re kept in a cloth box very much like the one in the photo.


It’s my birthday, so I’m both literally and figuratively The Old Man of the Internet today. So, c’mon fellas… “May” Ray? You had one job, and that was to put the correct letters in the correct order to accurately convey a meaning. I am increasingly distracted by online writers’ inability to do that with any consistency.

In the future, we will abandon the written word, and be read the Internet. “Smoosh, Smoosh, Smoosh” will be the sound of every Shakespearian sonnet. But you’ll get what we mean.


Was about to fix the headline (in the BBS realm only, alas) but noticed I’d have to change the category. It seems “boing” is off-limits to Regulars. So it stays.

Back on topic: Man Ray’s photography is a favorite of mine. Nice find.

Let Regulars fix typoes in Boing article titles

Vaults? Moar liek old filing cabinets.


We should respect any identity she chooses.


We never hear about the work of Woman Ray. Coincidence? Or pure prejudice?


There has been quite a few grammatical errors on Boing Boing lately. What’s going on? Did they hire high school drop outs or did they fire their editor?


Well there is Fay…




This is why i’m neither an editor nor a copywriter.


Oh yeah, whatever happened to her?






That delicate, satin-draped frame!


I wonder if he ever made any chess pieces?


Lee Miller, who is a superior artist in many regards.


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