Let Regulars fix typoes in Boing article titles


Continuing the discussion from Auto body shop with a massive Man Ray collection in the back room:

I think that either Regulars shouldn’t be presented with the edit title option in categories they can’t post in, or editing the title shouldn’t require posting permission.


I think that we can…
Just don’t touch the category – even though it will say whatever the default category is, it stays “Boing” when you hit save.


Are you sure? I wasn’t, so didn’t risk it. It defaulted to ‘dizzy’ in the dropdown.

It’s an obvious candidate for a UI fix if that’s the case.

Edit. Out of curiosity, I checked an earlier thread with a headline I did change, and it seems it was indeed mysteriously changed to ‘dizzy’. Coincidence?


Good to know. Then the actual recommendation would be to show the boing category properly. It was clearly confusing in this case, and I know I’ve seen a few discussions get moved in the past.


Help us @codinghorror! You’re our only hope.


@sam and @eviltrout are also valid hopes, so that makes @codinghorror one of a handful of hopes.


Which one of them is A New Hope?


Going out on a limb here, but I’d guess the New Hope is @techAPJ.


And which is our last hope?


I’m positive it used to work that way (I’ve actually done it and it worked fine), but I think somehow things have changed and it may no longer consistently stay in the Boing category.


Oh why? Typos only add charm - like the two in the headline above!


Can we also have the power to, uh… ‘correct’ other members posts?



Good point, that is a bug.


Hey! Hey you guys! Hey.



Which one is hope on a rope?



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