Somewhat Meta - Who would want/use the existing BoingBoing categories?

I am unsure about the goals from the moderators on this one, but would the same tagging conventions we’re used to from posts and the top bar be useful for discussions as well? I already see posts where the ‘GAMES’ ‘TECHNOLOGY’ or ‘FILM & TV’ categories would be perfect fits. I’m still new to the organization of discourse however, but I felt like this might be worth considering.

What say ye? Are those categories useful to the format, and do they align with the moderation and navigation goals for a Big-D-Discourse?

Let’s be honest here… we all just want to be able use “CHRIST WHAT AN ASSHOLE” on our posts too…

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Shhhh >.> I was only thinking of the big ones up top, but then again, BB does have a broad selection of amazing tags…

Good idea, but before we get too crazy, you should know that from what I heard, BB isn’t necessarily a fan of the genre tags at the top …

… and is thinking of shuffling them around or even possibly removing them…

Yeah. I saw some other Meta’s since I posted. I don’t know what the most Discourse-ey and yet boingboing-ey categorization scheme is here.

I suggest they be replaced with a passing cloud of mood words that describe the states of ecstasia you will encounter in the associated posts.


You know at first I thought you were joking but then I thought a little more about it, and it began to seem really Boing-Boing-y to use mood words instead.


“Brain Tickling” “Uncomfortably True” “Squirrel!”

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Yes, we’re planning (provisionally) to replace the subject-based nav with one more like this


Still, “Christ What An Asshole” really needs its own category.


I haven’t tried, but is it possible for a topic to have more than one category? Kind of like tags on a blog post? Perhaps the Discourse categories could take their cues from them.

I’ve never been a fan of subject-based tags, I prefer to browse through a firehose. Otherwise my attention is segmented.

Surely this should be abbreviated as


I just created a topic with a BB tag, not sure if I was supposed to or not, but it made sense at the time.

Yes its a missing feature we have, I will be changing it so only a particular group is allowed to create topics in a particular category next week.

Perhaps I’m jokingly chiding myself for feeling ecstasia in the realm of Boing Boing but the thought of being able to mainline the experience, intuitively plunging yourself into one or another band of the boingey spectrum is appealing to me.
Perhaps trusting the writers, mods, community or some kind of machine learning to provide accurate and influential (,tailor-made?) descriptors.

So @beschizza we are thinking that the community really should have a few categories to create topics in. It will help with discoverability and so forth as @sam has noted – leaving everything as “uncategorized” is not ideal over the medium term.

However we are hesitant to set up those categories knowing that you are planning to rearchitect the default set of categories at the top of BB right now:

What should we do?

FYI, this was implemented last week, Boing Boing category picking is now off limits.